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MSC Shanghai retreat camp, unload the hubbub of the tired, with tai chi.

Time:2017-05-17Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:Times
Tai chi retreat --
Is to the mind,
Dedicated to the life ethics,
With tai chi energy to purify the body and mind!
Tai chi retreat --
Is to make people gradually melt selfish lazy habits,
The fundamental nature of show it,
Light of the nature of a photo,
Is like the darkness of the canyon instantaneous radiant!
Chen Zhenglei tai chi
In May 2017,
The light of tai chi, Shanghai retreat camp
A complete packaged!
Five days of retreat camp,
We truly with tai chi.
In this five days,
We are tired of the noise,
Gain and loss of down!
respect fist-palm salute

graduation appraisal
the master Chen Zhenglei
Jenny, LuLiLi

Taijiquan is a carrying quintessence, full of positive energy in China today, the dream for the ideal, tai chi will play an increasingly important role, inheritance and carry forward the taijiquan is Chen Zhenglei tai chi every member's responsibility and dreams, and tai chi is a part of the Chinese dream dream!
Looking forward to follow the master for Jenny
Looking forward to other disciples and sisters together
Looking forward to the light of tai chi retreat camp
Looking forward to September to renew sentiment long ~ ~