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China tai chi, dream cities, thousands of public welfare anniversary, history of reincarnation and not the same wonderful!

Time:2017-05-16Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:Times
On May 15, 2016, the Chinese tai chi, tai chi dream cities, thousands of field of public lecture hall launching ceremony was held in zhengzhou university.After a whole year, the evening of May 15, 2017, 110th tai chi commonweal lecture hall into the Shanghai tongji university, coincidentally, tongji university, during the 110 anniversary series activities, reflecting different fascinating history of reincarnation, different time and so much alike.Tai chi, it symbolizes the harmony, perfection, datong!

Tai chi in current public welfare "tai chi and health" is the theme of the lecture hall, office by Chen, the 19th world taijiquan, the eleventh generation descendants of Chen Zhenglei guru lecture, visit the scene of the guests have a tongji university, professor, vice secretary of party committee Ma Jinming former tongji university professor taijiquan research board association President yue-ming shi, sino-german institute, director of the institute of international economic law Gao Xujun professor, professor, deputy dean of the graduate school closed Ji red, humanities college, professor, vice secretary of party committee yellow pine Chen Zhenglei taiji culture co., LTD., chairman of ms LuLiLi, etc.
Tongji university, deputy party secretary Ma Jinming
Ms LuLiLi
Chen Zhenglei guru wonderful story finished, aimed at the scene of the taijiquan lovers question answer, when asked about the question of whether tai chi knee injuries, master answer a way: "the knee is not the problem of tai chi chuan, is a question of practice. First of all, to prepare before his craft activities, physical activity opened again boxing; second, accord with human body physiology rule, when you do actions according to the relevant standards of tai chi exercise; again, will divide the false or true, rearrangement of center of gravity should combine methods, in the whole body coordinated; can do this at 3 o 'clock, knee will not be a problem."
Activities finally, Chen Zhenglei guru expressed "China tai chi, tai chi dream cities, thousands of field public lecture hall" tenet, called on everyone into the national fitness program, spread the national culture, to send all mankind health!
Performance on campus
Onlookers on campus

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