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Intelligence sharing, prosperous time, tai chi, tai chi dream China cities, thousands of a public lecture hall into the Toronto.

Time:2017-06-21Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:Times
"Chinese tai chi, dream cities, thousands of field station" commonweal lecture hall, Toronto on the evening of June 18, 2017, was successfully held in the center of the greater Toronto Chinese culture.
"Chinese tai chi, dream cities, thousands of public lecture hall" by the north American Chen taijiquan association, henan Chen Zhenglei taiji culture co., LTD., jointly hosted, jack yan martial arts school and undertaken by the Canadian association of hebei province, the American council for the promotion of Chen tai chi chuan, katong Chen tai chi chuan association jointly with the Chinese association of Canada assisted 2017 light of the "tai chi" is always one of the series of activities.Hears from all over came to hear the Chen Zhenglei guru of many viewers, public lecture also unexpectedly won the unplanned benefits, free to enjoy a high level of Chen tai chi performance.
Chen Zhenglei guru is people care about some of the problems in the boxing has made the detailed analysis, has insisted on the benefits of tai chi on body each system introduced system.
Chen Zhenglei master the content part in public lecture (Olivia Sun plume green record sorting) :
Why do taijiquan exercise joint pain?
Taijiquan exercise joint pain is not the reason why tai chi, but practitioners in the process of practice, method, Angle, position is not correct.
Wrestling avoid knee pain, need to pay attention to three aspects:
A, all tai chi requires knees hip, hip is the most critical, squat down to loosen the hips.What is a loose hip?Loose hip are actions that we are doing every day, is the feeling of sitting stool down.If hip don't loose or hip valgus can sit down?The feeling of loose hip is down.Tai chi before hip to bend your knees, not loose hip easily kneeling knee, it is wrong to kneel to the knee.
Two, when doing the lunges, knee and leg vertically up and down.Knee forward, the point is all to the knee joint;Accurate location of the knee, all point on the feet.Before planting out in collapse are knee injuries.
Three, outside the toe is placed in the timeliness, must first step.Tippy toes is placed in the outside, positioning and then move the center of gravity in the past, rather than directly move the center of gravity of the past.
All cause of knee injuries are the three, pay attention to the three points, can avoid the knee injury.
Photography: zhi-dong sun
▼ before the Chinese wushu association, chairman of the Chinese martial arts institute, Mr Cheung yiu ting to tai chi Chen Zhenglei system both at home and abroad to promote tai chi for many years the benefit of the people's outstanding dedication gave high evaluation.

▼ to participate in the light of "tai chi" summer camp students demonstrate Chen taijiquan ten BaShi essence
▼ Chen Zhenglei guru in Seattle in the United States a good disciple hong Chen tai chi demonstration single pole
▼ Chen Zhenglei the disciple of master PangMeiLan Chen tai chi demonstration duals
▼ Chen Zhenglei guru in Montreal, Canada, the disciple Xu Li demo old frame 2
American disciple BaiRui ▼ Chen Zhenglei guru Byron Hartman demonstrate new frame 2
▼ Chen Zhenglei guru in Seattle disciple wang ning Chen tai chi demonstration singlestick
▼ Chen Zhenglei guru in zhengzhou house disciple Guo Zhongyu Chen tai chi demonstration of a gun
▼ Chen Zhenglei part disciple of master Chen tai chi demonstration mirror the dozen
▼ Chen Zhenglei guru's eldest daughter jiera Chen tai chi demonstration type 56 race
▼ Chen Zhenglei master home in Toronto disciple, martial arts pedagogy Dr. Jack yan demo Chen in the spring and autumn broadsword
Three generations of a ▼ Chen Zhenglei guru perform together, the children played too good, praise!
The light of tai chi celebration dinner
On June 21, 2017, 19:00
Location: purple jue Jin Yan, 8601 Warden Ave # 4, Unionville, ON L3R 9 p6
Level 3 celebrities, politicians, China consulate general in Toronto, community will have a wonderful performance arts, martial arts master and Chen Zhenglei performances