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TongJinWang (stage name: de-wang Chen) in ye county, henan.Seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, Chen tai chi chuan generation successor, 12 Chinese chenjiagou Chen the 19, tai chi chuan generation descendants with office - 11 Chen Zhenglei master disciple.Taijiquan Chen Zhenglei pavilion the owner manager.2013-2014 win chenjiagou taijiquan Chen Zhenglei pavilion at the pavilion "coach".
Graduated from childhood, kung fu, pingdingshan tai chi kung fu academy and wuhan sports college;From 1992 to 1993, topped two-time pingdingshan martial arts colleges and universities sports meeting of actual combat against the champion.Since 1988, to follow the teacher Chen Zhenglei study Chen tai chi chuan.In formal teacher worked with teach to teach, system to study the Chen taijiquan boxing boxing, master Chen taijiquan, machinery, driver, David, sanshou and internal work experience, has rich experience in actual combat skill training and teaching.
In more than 30 years of concentrated YanLian, always pursue the "fist" primitive state, kung fu, pure technology comprehensive, the wind rock of primitive simplicity, more if;Its about boxing style and exquisite, theoretic disassembly is clear, action demonstration in place, and be humble, enthusiastic, the fist was affirmation and praise by the majority of students.Successively in jiaozuo international taijiquan meeting, chenjiagou taijiquan match, the national taijiquan open all kinds of events such as boxing, sword and combat against 13 gold MEDALS.Among them, in April 2013, the CCTV wulin congress into the county chenjiagou taijiquan competition, with the highest gain man tai chi first.In May 2015 in chenjiagou taijiquan match, first name and to the men of Chen style tai chi chuan men program first won two gold MEDALS in the excellent grades.Only in August 2015, jiaozuo international taijiquan exchange contest, won MEDALS, one hundred students, taught by personal gain tai chi and program two gold MEDALS.
TongJinWang study of tai chi to assemble themselves, have many papers published in the "Chinese wushu", "tai chi" and other publications.In 2015, following the teacher took the Chen taijiquan old frame Chen Zhenglei teaching video, international in henan television channel.In August 2016 with the teacher at macau martial arts heroes, for the traditional martial arts masters demonstration, make positive contribution for the spread of taijiquan.