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Zhao Guoren

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Deqing, henan huai Zhao Guoren RenShi, stage name;Chen Deren number;011The house 96151,The Chinese communist party party member, college diploma or above major in master Chen Zhenglei was handed down by disciple, Chinese martial arts is 6,
The level of social sports instructors.Primary boxer, henanChenTai chiBoxing association director, countyChen tai chi chuanResearch manager, chenjiagou taijiquan hall senior coach.
In August 1970, was born in henan province, his kung fu, is chenjiagou Chen the 19 descendants, tai chi chuan generation office 11 cases of Chen Zhenglei disciple of the master.Follow the master for many years, systematically studied the Chen taijiquan old frame, two all the way, the new frame, two, driver holds and practical techniques and knives, guns, swords, stick and equipment, is deep teacher chuan, kung fu, pure technology comprehensive.
In 1996 into the book Chen tai chi volunteers;
  Assist in 2000 Chen Zhenglei master "Chen tai chi chuan the new frame" and "Chen taijiquan YangShengGong" teaching cd-rom;President of henan tai chi sports fitness coach co., LTD. (Chen Zhenglei taiji culture co., LTD.);
  Professor in zhengzhou in 2000, is responsible for South Korea, the United States, Russia and other countries visiting students;
  After 2001 invited to places such as gansu, jiangsu, kaifeng the boxing art;
  In 2003 by zhengzhou, chenjiagou taijiquan library sent to tianjin's first tianjin branch manager;
  In April 2004, led the tianjin branch libraries in the luoyang peony show thirty thousand taijiquan guinness book of world records the world's largest display and Chen Zhenglei masters and four schools with representative performing, August led chenjiagou tai chi kung fu classic tianjin branch libraries in China, very good achievements, October following the teacher in the first world traditional martial arts festival opening ceremony performance, in the same month in the journal of the Chinese martial arts also published two articles in the 10th issue.Due to technical comprehensive, rigorous teaching, June 26, 2004 to tianjin city express reporter to "tai chi chuan for hundreds of years old" new "things" as a topic for special interview, and make large space report;
  Back in February 2005, zhengzhou Chenjiagou taijiquan teaching;
  Traditional taijiquan in jiaozuo international invitational 2005 gold MEDALS, paper third prize;
  In July 2005 in hedong district of tianjin tai chi chuan association boxing art;
  In October 2005 as a leaf, tai chi fitness center in tianjin (the manager of chenjiagou taijiquan tianjin main library);
  In June 2006 for the first time led in nankai district "production safety cup" tai chi chuan, won the first prize in the collective project;
  In August 2006, promoted the Chinese chenjiagou taijiquan pavilion senior coach;
  In November 2006 rate team to attend the 11th sports meeting of tianjin taijiquan game, won the seventh collective projects;
  In June 2007, the second rate team in tianjin nankai district national fitness sports, "production safety cup" taijiquan competition, won the first prize in the collective project;
  In July 2007, tianjin youth palace for distinguished experts and volunteers;
  In June 2008, the third rate team in tianjin nankai district national fitness sports, "production safety cup" tai chi chuan, collective projects continue to win the first prize.
  Professor teaching in 2000, students in the national and province tai chi, sword, driver events often won MEDALS