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Fang Kuang palm

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Stage name: blue balloon number: 013 home invasion in March 05045197 was born in zhejiang province sanmen county town of small male, Chinese martial arts association, member of lianyungang to Manchester unitedTai chiFitness club coach, zhejiang ruian chenjiagou boxing library Ryan branch director and manager, ganyu county, jiangsu province, Chen tai chi research board vice-chairman, Chen the 19 11 descendants with office, China numerous generation "top the great wushu masters" Chen Zhenglei master lineage disciple.
Have been fond of martial arts, in 1983 began to worship the local boxer and Chen mind liuhe ten form practice.Dongyue temple in 88 school practice wushu, wushu sanda special training class, 1988-1995 has been persistent practice wushu sanda.Beginning in 95, learningChenTai chi chuan, machinery, and driving force.By 97, presented with Chen the 19 11 generations descendants with office, Chinese contemporary "top the great wushu masters" Chen Zhenglei system studyChen tai chi chuan, machinery routines, driver and achievement method, theory of boxing, is deep the teacher carefully, study hard, boxing frame is pure, strength strong, gradual enlightenment of tai chi.
In jiaozuo international taijiquan meeting in 2000 won the first prize in the Chen tai chi chuan, traditional instrument for excellent performance.
In April, 2004, thirty thousand people attended the city of luoyang peony Chen Zhenglei master tai chi performance, a guinness record, his personal story in tai chi "charm", "wind" of tai chi and other large-scale picture album, television stations, lianyungang GanYu television, GanYu daily reported many times.
2004, in zhejiang province in September 2005 to participate in the international tai chi tournament for traditional Chen taijiquan, sword first.Many times to participate in provincial, municipal taijiquan competition won the first prize of excellent grades.
For the first 1999, 2000, second in 2005, the seventh, eighth in 2006 and 2006, the ninth international senior Chen taijiquan class.
Many times from 2001 to 2008 to chenjiagou taijiquan pavilion with master learning boxing, driver, starting in 1998 in lianyungang, the fist GanYu, Shanghai, nantong and other places.Professor study of nearly one thousand people, under the influence of teacher's precept, give up on doing business in GanYu 18 years of glasses, aspires to a lifetime in tai chi chuan.