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Guo-gang zhou

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Guo-gang zhou (stage name de-gang Chen), male, born in 1963, liaoning huludao city people.Mr Tai chi master Chen Zhenglei house disciple, chenjiagou taijiquan pavilion senior coaches, current chenjiagou taijiquan, curator of the library of kunming branch.
In 2004 won the national traditional wushu championship group C taijiquan, sword double titles.
Founded in March 2004 with the master chenjiagou taijiquan library huludao branch.
In 2005, accompanied by the master to participate in the first world martial arts festival opening ceremony.
In 2006 national martial arts six paragraphs, a state-level referee.
In 2013 by the master of life to spread Chen taijiquan in yunnan.
In May 2014, library of kunming branch run chenjiagou taijiquan.
On behalf of the yunnan province in 2015 a team for the first "entrepreneurs cup" national taiji competition, and men's single championship, players won two gold and one bronze MEDALS.
Employed by yunnan university for nationalities in 2016 international tai chi college distinguished experts.
The third Chen Zhenglei taiji annual meeting and the 18th annual senior manager training the old frame popular class.
Spread Chen taijiquan 20 years, the disciple all over the country and Europe and the United States, and other countries and regions, many disciples in the international and national taijiquan game won more MEDALS.Chen taijiquan propagation which was right in the root is the source and development made outstanding contributions.