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Cheng Bao-rong

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Cheng Bao-rong, was born in Yu Gan couty Jiang xi province.He was graduated from Ping Ding Shan Shao Lin and Tai Chi WU shu College in 1991. committee member of Chinese wushu association, wushu Sixth  Dan (a system of Wushu evaluation), natioal first-rank wushu judge, Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei's most outstanding disciple.
 He studyed wu shu when he was a child.During in wushu college,he has been directed by some famouse wushu masters. He has practiced some routines of martial arts, hard qi-gong, Tai Chi push-hands. Since 2001 he followed Gradnmaster Chen and took part in the International Chen Style Tai Chi Quan Advance Training course every years. In 2002, he attended the annual meeting of the International Taijiquan competition, and have achieved outstanding results. In 2003, to commemorate Deng Xiaoping's "Taijiquan good," the 25th anniversary of the inscription, he led the team to the Taijiquan competition, and obtained 15 gold medals in Yugan County in Jiangxi Province; In April 2004, he led the students to take part in the 30,000 Tai Chi performances,in the Peony Festival of Luoyang city, In May 2004, He has participated in the Taijiquan exchange competition of Jiangxi Province , and won three gold of Chen Style  Taijiquan competition routines, the traditional routines and Chen Style Tai ChiSorwd. August the same year, he has took part in the Chinese Tai Chi Kung Fu elite tournament in Henan , and won one gold medal of Chen Style Taiji Quan, silver medal of single sword, and was rated spiritual athletes; In October 2004 he was officially appointed as Chen Village Tai Chi Training Center. In August 2005 he has attended the opening ceremony of China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan exchange Championship. In 2006 he served as head master at the Xinjiang branch Center. In August2006, he has led students to participate in the second session of the China Chen village Tai Chi Kung Fu  elite tournament, won two gold, one silver and one bronze medals.In October 2006,he has attended the second session of the World Traditional Wushu Festival, and won two gold medal of Chen Style Tai Chi Quan and swords. In order to learn, exchange and the promotion of Taiji, he had been to  Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Qujing city of Yunnan province. Chengdu city of Sichuan province, Xinjiang, Urumqi, and other places. His deeds have been assigned to the "Light of tai chi," or "Chinese characters Tai Chi master", "World of outstanding specialists from Code" and other magazines.