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Zheng Dongxia

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Zheng Dongxia (stage name: Chen Dexia), was born in county of henan province in 1974.Chen Zhenglei masters house disciple, and seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, national senior social sports instructors, executive director of the association of henan province Chen tai chi chuan, chenjiagou taijiquan research institute technical adviser, henan province outstanding martial arts coaches, chenjiagou taijiquan hall, a senior manager.The current chenjiagou taijiquan Chen Zhenglei pavilion green city branch libraries curator and the coach.
Have been with my father kuo-jui cheng Chen taijiquan study, after the national "top the great wushu masters", Chen the 19, tai chi chuan generation descendants with office - 11 Chen Zhenglei master deep boxing art, and become the Chen Zhenglei house disciple of the master.Chen tai chi chuan and machinery of various routines, and techniques such as driver, David.The fist is phil anschutz, its full, round soft coherent, stretch generous.Comprehensive strength is pure, technology, teaching ability.Combination of traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, understand taiji art, love traditional Chinese culture, is committed to the Chen taijiquan research exploration and spread.Over the years, the personal status as athletes, coaches and team leader, lead the team to success in the international and domestic competition, many times.At the same time, the popularization of tai chi chuan, practice teaching wushu rank in promotion of many aspects, such as special achievements, also obtained the related departments institutions and the social from all walks of life high praise and recognition.Filming "the Chen taijiquan old frame", "Chen taijiquan YangShengGong essence BaShi" ten "the Chen singlestick" in succession, such as "the Chen single-pole" teaching video in henan, henan TV health central plains martial arts world, henan international channels for many times.
In 1991 in henan taijiquan, sword driver, got the first place in the taijiquan project.
In 1992, henan taijiquan, sword and push three projects first.In the same year to participate in the national martialarts school, the school got the first place in the women's traditional boxing game.
In 1994, in 4th farmers games won the first prize in the three projects.
In 1996, the international taijiquan meeting a woman driver up to 55 kg first, tai chi, sword first prize.
In 1998, 1999 for two consecutive years was named outstanding martial arts coaches in henan province.
In 2000, led to participate in the 6th international taijiquan meeting, six players won 1 gold 4 silver in driver program, and a fourth.Collective projects in more than forty team won the first prize.
2002 at an annual rate in henan taijiquan competition won 4 gold and and collective project first, in the same year led for the big show, international taijiquan meeting and was hired as a referee.
To get a good mark in 2003 led to participate in the county county ", may participate in henan taijiquan, sword and sanjin a silver good achievements.On behalf of the county in August to participate in national land of martial arts competition (jiangxi), obtained the excellent result.
In August 2004 with the players for the first "chenjiagou tai chi kung fu classic" good grades and take part in the national contest of taijiquan exchange in October the referee.
In October 2006 to attend the second annual "world conference on traditional martial arts exchange" tai chi chuan, program the first prize of the two projects.
In April 2007 to attend Ding Hainian the hometown of the yellow emperor worship at his Chen taijiquan large-scale performances and was awarded outstanding contribution.
In August 2008, a senior social sports instructor qualification certificate.Paper "talk about origin and development of taijiquan in the county", the practice of the Chen singlestick were published in the "eternal", "Chinese wushu" and so on.
Rate team in March 2009 for the 7th Hong Kong international martial arts festival won three gold and silver, the same year elected executive director of the association of henan province Chen tai chi chuan.
In April 2010 to join the China council for the promotion of democracy become members was made.July rate for chenjiagou taijiquan pavilion in the expo henan culture week display performance.
Chen Zhenglei teacher in May, 2011 won the "world outstanding Chinese list of outstanding Chinese martial arts field of Cambridge" ceremony, to participate in performances.
In December 2011, henan TV news channel filming "the Chen taijiquan old frame" teaching video and broadcast on January 1, 2012.
On September 16, 2012 to attend the opening ceremony of the 7th national peasant games large programs "tai chi" performance.
In February 2013, henan TV digital channel "martial arts world" program "Chen taijiquan YangShengGong essence of ten BaShi" and "the Chen singlestick", "Chen tai chi single-pole teaching video broadcast in the martial arts world and henan international channels for many times.
On July 26, 2013 in changchun for national land of martial arts competition won Chen taijiquan, sword two gold MEDALS.On November seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu promotion.
In May 2014, henan TV "martial arts world" column "the Chen taijiquan old frame" teaching video recording.
On June 22, 2014 in xiamen to rank in Chinese martial arts instructor backbone training good training results.
On July 2, 2014 in hunan province to participate in the national land of martial arts competition won Chen taijiquan, sword and excellent inheritance pattern show three gold MEDALS.
On August 8, 2014 for the first "national conference" wushu wushu rank in Chen taijiquan collective project award for the best show.
In April 2015, henan international channels to record the Chen singlestick teaching video.
On March 19, 2016 establishment of chenjiagou Chen Zhenglei taijiquan library green city branch, and served as director and manager.