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LiuJianGuang (stage name: Chen Dejian), tai chi master Mr Chen Zhenglei house disciple, and seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, Chen style tai chi chuan generation successor, 12 national social sports instructors, tai chi Chen Zhenglei ningde extension center manager.
He have been influenced by brother willowshine, and learn with brother Chen tai chi chuan.His simple and gentle, talented, work hard, is deep the China's top the great wushu masters ", Chen tai chi master Chen Zhenglei recognition and his teaching.He graduated from colleges and universities sports education professional, master in nearly thirty years under the surface of the body to teach hone, exquisite skills, capability, boxing is pure, deep technology comprehensive.In addition, the essence of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese medicine, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism has a profound understanding and comprehension, eclecticism, at the same time for other traditional Chinese martial arts have a deep understanding and research, formed of Chen taijiquan and its health, teaching and training.
He does not forget ShiEn to carry forward the martial arts, promoting Chen too is own duty, the disciple in BaMin, influence to Hong Kong, Macao and southeast Asia and other places.