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Ezra pound made

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Pound sign (stage name: mark chandler), male, anhui suzhou si county.Contemporary China's top the great wushu masters ", Chen in the 19th, the tai chi chuan, the eleventh generation descendants office of Chen Zhenglei master was handed down a disciple.Chen tai chi chuan the twelfth generation successor, seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu and the current Chen Zhenglei tai chi, hefei extension center manager.
He have a passion for martial arts, in 1994 in henan followed Chen Zhenglei master system study Chen tai chi chuan, machinery and driver, sanshou etc, since 1997 began to participate in provincial and international taijiquan competition, remarkable achievements.Won a provincial taijiquan, sword, push the gold medal game scores;Jiaozuo, county international taijiquan meeting taijiquan, sword, driver dozens of pieces of gold medal game.Since 2007 for all levels of taijiquan competition, the students received the gold medal, silver medal dozens of pieces.
Served as the first and second Chen Zhenglei taijiquan meeting senior training manager;Hefei promotion center, nearly two years as head coach, led the students to participate in the municipal and provincial gold medal game of few good grades
In September 2014 was hired as professor of anhui water conservancy and hydropower college martial arts.The delegation to visit China in May 2016, Russian culture, as an outstanding person is tai chi tai chi culture inheritance culture exchange with the Russian delegation on behalf of discussion;In June 2016 on the sino-us cultural art exchange salon for americans explains the influence and charm of Oriental tai chi.In the same month by yao area in hefei government invitation, systematic theoretical guidance for social sports instructors in hefei and boxing training.
Over the years committed to the promotion and popularization of the taijiquan popularization students more than three thousand people;For improving skills, and several times in zhengzhou to participate in the international sponsored Chen Zhenglei master Chen taijiquan advanced workshop, got Chen Zhenglei master was handed down the secret.
As Chen Zhenglei was handed down disciple of a master pound sign does not forget the inculcation of teacher, over the years committed to the promotion and popularization of Chen tai chi chuan, has trained many excellent students, Chinese traditional taiji culture inheritance and development of one step a footprint.