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Liu Jihong

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 Liu Jihong (stage name: Chen Dehong), male, henan county people, born in 1977.Seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, national first-level boxer.Master Chen tai chi chuan generation successor, 12 Chen Zhenglei house disciple, and current Chen Zhenglei taiji culture co., LTD. Henan chenjiagou taijiquan (zhengzhou) and the senior manager.Dan henan Chen taijiquan association, standing director of Chinese martial arts instructor, / and the outstanding social sports instructors in henan province.
Born in martial arts family, father, father of Chen taijiquan masters.Myself since 6 years old kung fu, the beginner's family tai chi chuan and driving force of actual combat, after worship Chen Zhenglei master for the teacher, and become the master house disciple.Since then have been around the master, longtime chenjiagou taijiquan pavilion zhengzhou total owner coach, senior coach, mentor teacher chuan.
Liu Jihong study lasted more than 30 years, before and after the Chen taijiquan boxing art skill, capability stable.The fist stretch generous, action is its simplicity, artistically significant, full strength.Boxing as a cloud water, smooth, like like nature itself, not fake, give a person with beautiful art to enjoy.
Have all kinds of martial arts films, especially in the county tai chi official propaganda films, as opening figure, with ring of body language, vivid deduce taiji diagram, show the connotation of taiji mystery and secret.
Over the years at home and abroad for various types of martial arts competition, remarkable achievements.Particularly pleased that, in 2012 to participate in a "martial arts games," said the fifth world traditional wushu championships, the clouds of monopoly, competition is intense, but he pressed, with strength to conquer the referee, gongs taijiquan first prize;In 2013 national martial arts tai chi competition, with the highest Chen taijiquan, sword double championship.
Liu Jihong devote themselves to the inheritance and development of the tai chi chuan, long-term to teach boxing passes on technique the first line.Chen teacher assigned in the fist around, professor students tens of thousands of people, by the exquisite boxing skill and rich experience in teaching and acclaimed, cultivate a large number of outstanding talents of tai chi.Over the years been Chen Zhenglei taiji culture co., LTD., awarded the "tai chi enterprise outstanding contribution award" and "award for the best coach.Since 2012, in successive served as head coach on the senior international Chen taijiquan training course;In the successive served as head coach on the general coaches training;In 2016 as the national college students rank in martial arts training manager.Is the backbone of tai chi Chen Zhenglei business, youth in martial arts.