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Xu Xiao-ming

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Xu Xiao-ming,  wushu Sixth  Dan (a system of Wushu evaluation), was born in Wu-zhi county Henan province. He studyed Chen Family Tai Chi Quan followed his uncle, Xu Gen-hu in his childhood. Later followed Master Zhang Dong-wu with introduction by another teacher for Chen Family Tai Chi Quan, weapons, push-hand and Tai Chi Qin Na. From 2000,  he followed Grandmaster CHEN Zheng Lei to further study Taijiquan. The same year, he began teaching Tai Chi Quan in Zhengzhou and other city. In 2001, he has participated in the provincial tai chi Quan, sword, pushing hands Championships, and won the first runner-up. In 2002, he attended the annual meeting of the International Taijiquan competition, and have achieved outstanding results. Since September 2003, he was the coach of Chen Zheng lei Tai Chi Culture Co. Ltd. and Chen Village Tai Chi Training Center. In April 2004 he led a team to participate the Taijiquan Championships organized  the Henan Anyang. His students receive one gold medal and two silver medals in the Junior group. In October2004, he has participated in the "witnessing the Wind" performances and the Opening ceremony performances of the First World Traditional Wushu Festival with the Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei. In August 2005, he has participated in the Third World Taijiquan competition and won two golds of traditional Taijiquan in the men's youth team  and collective Tai Chi sword .