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Liu Yong

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Liu Yong, male, born in Lianyungang city Jiangsu Province, June 26, 1966, graduated from the Jiangsu Provincial Youth management Academy.  wushu Sixth  Duan (a system of Wushu evaluation),  first-rank wushu master, president of Chen Family Tai Chi Quan association Lian-yun-gang city. 
 He studyed wu shu when he was a child. From 1983 to 1986, he served as Sanda  coach of Taian Armed Police Detachment of Shandong Province.  He led his unit to make the two groups of the championship, he won Sanda runner-up 65kg in Shandong Province's Armed Police championship. 
In 1987, he began by master Gou Kongjie Enlightenment, started practice the New Frame routine of Chen Family Taijiquan and Tai Chi weaponse.
In May 1993, recommend by master Gou, he formally followed Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei for systemly learn Old Frame and New Frame routine of Chen Family taijiquan,  Pushing Hands, weaponse and theories. To improve Martial art,he has 48 times to Chen Village and Zheng zhou Wushu training center In  more 10 years. 
In 1996, he formally thanks Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen Zheng-lei as a teacher and became formal disciples. 
From 1990, he began to teach , nearly 1,000 students at home and abroad. In the International Tai Chi Quan Exchang Matc of provincial and municipal Taijiquan competition, his students have won dozens of gold, silver and bronze medal. Since 1994, he has published more than 10 essays in the newspaper.
In August 1999, he served as coach of the First International Chen Family Tai Chi Quan advance training course, and helped Grandmaster Chen;
In December 1999, he was elected as president of Chen Family Taijiquan committee of   Lianyungang Wushu Association;
In March 2000, he was invited to teach Tai Chi Quan in UK for six months, and was appointed  to chief consultant of the British Taijiquan School and main master of the British Chen Family Taijiquan Center.
In December 2000, he went to South Korea for took part in the South Korea, China and Japan to exchange martial arts performances Assembly.
His deeds were repeatedly reported by provincial, city newspapers. Lianyungang Television station International department has shot 40-minutes feature film "Tai Chi messenger" for him, and the feature film  has been already broadcasted in the country and the United States Sigela television networks, European Phoenix Satellite TV .