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47 Years old. Living in Kansas City since 1993. He began learning Martial Arts in 1978 in Springfield MO.
Attended Southwest MO State University and Graduated Drury College. B.A. in Studio Arts, Springfield MO, 1983. Started Teaching Martial Arts in Kansas City in 1993. First taught at the Karate Club at SMSU, Springfield MO.
He has earned 8 different Black Belts of 5th Degree and below. Shin Nagare Karate Do 5, Eagle Claw Kung Fu 5, Shinko Kobudo 4, Shorinryu Karate 2, White Dragon Kung Fu 2, Shin Shin Jujutsu 1, Mushin Ryu JuJitsu 1, and Shiho Karano Jujitsu 1.
He is Certified as a Wushu/Gung Fu/ and Taijiquan Coach in Henan Province Wushu Association, China. He is President of Three Dragons Way School of Chinese Boxing, Inc. Which is an LLC created in 2002 for the purpose of promoting and teaching Tai Chi and Chinese Boxing.
He travels to China regularly to train and compete in Martial Arts seminars and tournaments. He has won Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals in Tai Chi Forms, Weapons, and Push Hands competitions. He leads groups for sightseeing, Tai Chi training, and competitions every year in China since 2004.
He is a Disciple of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei (one of China’s Top Ten Martial Art Masters.) Grand Master Chen Zhenglei is the Head Tai Chi Master from the Chen Family that created Tai Chi in the 1600’s near the Yellow River at his family Village, Chenjiagou, Wen County in Henan Province, China.
19th Generation Grand Master Chen Zhenglei granted Mr. Huff the title of Master.
Mr. Huff is now authorized to accept Disciples in his School, Three Dragons Way, his Disciples are recognized in Lineage by the Henan China Wushu Association. He underwent the Ceremonies for Discipleship in Chen Family Taijiquan in Zhengzhou China, 2005. He is now an official Representative in the USA.
He operated the Tai Chi Studio in Downtown Overland Park (7901 Santa Fe) from 2002 – 2007. He teaches Advanced Classes and private sessions at 7001 W 76th OP KS. He has been a student and Instructor in the Chinese Boxing Institute International, Miami FL. He has been a Black Belt in the International Okinawan Matsubyashi Ryu Shorin Ryu Association. He has been Certified by the Arthritis Foundation to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis. His School, Three Dragons Way, is a lifetime member of the USA Wushu Kung Fu Association. He actively promotes Chen Tai Chi in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Has taught Tai Chi to all age groups from 3 years old to 100+
Specializing in Private Lessons, Group Classes, 
and Programs for Retirement Living Facilities.