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Chen Yuanyuan

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Chen Yuanyuan, female, han nationality, born in 1982 in henan county chenjiagou.Seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, warrior, executive director of the association of henan province Chen tai chi chuan, Chen 20 world taijiquan twelfth generation descendants with office.

Have been with my father Chen Zhenglei master practicing boxing family - Chen tai chi chuan.About family, under his father's strict supervision system master Chen tai chi chuan, machinery various routines and driver, sanshou skills.
Many times since 2000 to participate in the international and domestic taijiquan competition, won 15 gold MEDALS, silver 10 rounds.Successively participated in the China central television shooting feature films life of tai chi's, henan TV station "possible", in the infinite communication program, with deng yaping and CCTV famous sports show host zhang share the joy of success the Olympic bid.That same year, participate in henan TV special "wulin wind" tai chi performance and CCTV channel 10 south of the river ".Since then also repeatedly invited to "yanhuang two emperor" statue inauguration ceremony and so on dozens of large tai chi performance.On September 16, 2012 following Chen Zhenglei masters in the law of the People's Republic of China on the 7th peasant games, the opening performance
Spread to the United States in 2007 with the father of taiji, in 2008 with the father went to Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg in taijiquan teaching activities.
In march of 2010-2012 President of chenjiagou taijiquan library in guangzhou branch manager, adhering to the father Chen Zhenglei master's call for the popularization and promotion of Chen taijiquan making positive efforts to!The current henan Chen Zhenglei taiji culture co., LTD., chenjiagou taijiquan hall, senior manager, director of the office.