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Ploutarchos Vlachopoulos(陈德朴), or just Pluto for friends, comes from the beautiful and shiny Hellas and started his journey in taijiquan in his early twenties, under the direct tutorship of Master Liming Yue. His first trip to China was in 2002, where he met Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei and other famous masters. It was a profound experience that changed his worldview and marked, quite early, his journey in this wonderful art. Since then he has been visiting China with Master Liming Yue regularly.
Having finished his B.A. degree in Economics, in the University of Liverpool, he went to Manchesterfor postgraduate studies. It was there where he met Master Liming Yue, almost ten years ago. Since then, Pluto has been practicing faithfully and sincerely, always with the help and guidance of his master, and now considers him more than a teacher and close friend, but rather part of his family.
The last few years, Pluto, has returned to Athens and has begun teaching taijiquan and qigong, spreading this life enhancing and excellent martial art to people, for self-defence, but also and most importantly, for health reasons.  Still having a lot to learn yet, he continues his journey always trying to help people learn and use taijiquan to better their lives and overall state of health and well-being.