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Chen Juan

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Chen Juan, female, born in the original place of Tai Chi --- Chen village in 1977, the elder daughter of Grand master Chen, graduated from Beijing Physical Culture University, majored in Wushu specialty, coach of Henan Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Culture Co., Ltd. Chen Juan began to learn Tai Chi from her father at he age of seven then she was educated in Henan Pingdingshan Physical Culture School.
   In 1995, won the title of "Outstanding Athlete" at the National Tai Chi Competition hold in Ningbo city. In 1996, won the first prize both in Tai Chi boxing and Tai Chi sword at Henan provincial Wushu Meet. From 1996 to 1998 won the championship in Tai Chi sword at Annual Tai Chi Meet three times in a row. In 1997, won the second prize in Tai Chi boxing and the first prize in Tai Chi sword at Wushu competition hold by Beijing Physical Culture University.
   In 1998, won the championship of Tai Chi sword at Wen County International Tai Chi Annual competition In 1999, she took part in the group set of ten thousand people Tai Chi performance hold by China Wushu Association at Tiananmen square. During her schooling in the university, she won the title of " Outstanding Editor", and published pieces of articles in newspapers and Wushu magazines. In recent years, she does as assistant of grand master Chen in the writing of < Chen-style Tai Chi 18 Posture Form for Life Enhancement> and , filmed in the teaching video tapes < Life Enhancement> and < New Frame Routine I>.