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The 10th Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Exchange Competition Regulations (Inter

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The 10th China·Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Exchange Competition Regulations
 (International Group)
1.  Date and Place:
September 17th-20th, 2019.
Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, China.
2.  Hosted by:
Wushu Adiministrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Chinese Wushu Association, Sports Bureau of Henan Province, People’ s Government of Jiaozuo City.
3.  Organized by:
Wushu Administration Center of Henan Province, Henan Wushu Association, Sports Bureau of Jiaozuo.
4.  Co-sponsor:
Jiaozuo Stadium Management Center, Jiaozuo Wushu Association.
5.  Participating Organization:
Any national or regional Wushu groups and Wushu organizations from all over the world are invited to participate in this competition with the premise to admit and comply with the Constitution of the International Wushu Federation.
6.  Competition Events
I.  Individual Events
Compulsory Routine Events :
Chen Style Taijiquan, Yang Style Taijiquan, Wu Style Taijiquan, Wuu Style Taijiquan, Sun Style Taijiquan,
24 Forms Taijiquan, 42 Forms Taijiquan,
42 Forms Taiji Sword, 32 Forms Taiji Sword,
8 Methods and 5 Stances of Taijiquan.
Traditional Routine Events:
Chen Style Taijiquan (Weapon), Yang Style Taijiquan (Weapon), Wu Style Taijiquan (Weapon), Wuu Style Taijiquan (Weapon), Sun Style Taijiquan (Weapon), He Style Taijiquan (Weapon) and other types of traditional styles and Taiji Weapon.
II.  Group Routine Events:
Taijiquan, Taiji Weapon, Taijiquan with Weapon.
III.  Taiji Push-hand Event:
Weight Categories:
48 kg category(≤48kg),
52 kg category(>48kg-≤52Kg), 
56 kg category(>52kg-≤56Kg),
60 kg category(>56kg-≤60Kg), 
65 kg category(>60kg-≤65Kg), 
70 kg category(>65kg-≤70Kg), 
75 kg category(>70kg-≤75Kg), 
80 kg category(>75kg-≤80Kg), 
80kg+ category(>80kg).
7. Participation Method:
I.  There is no limitations on the number of participating teams for each organization. Each team can register one leader, one coach and one doctor respectively, and 20 athletes (male or female).
II.  Individual Events: Each athlete can only enter one barehanded event, and one weapon event.event, and can also sign up for one group event at the same time.
III.  Only one group event is allowed for each team. Each team shall be composed of at least 6 athletes who will be grouped, regardless of gendar, into juvenile groups (Group A and B) and adult groups (Group C, D and E). Any team with less 6 members cannot participate in the group event.
IV.  Taiji Push-hand Events: Each team can only have one male and female athlete respectively take part in one rank of the Push-hand event.
8. Competition Method
I.  The Rules of Traditional Wushu Routines Competition, as well as the supplementary rules, authorized by the Chinese Wushu Association and published in 2012, will be implemented in this competition.
II.  The Trail Version of Taijiquan Push-hand Competitive Rules (2018 ) will be implemented in the Taiji push-hand competition. Both the two editions can be downloaded from the official website of Chinese Wushu Association: Single-loss knock-out is implemented in Taiji push-hand competition. If there are less than four players (not including 4), the single round-robin (one-round league) system will be adopted.
III.  Time for Taijiquan and Taiji Weapon Competitions:
Time for Taijiquan is set between 3 to 4 minutes. The Head Referee will whistle upon reaching 3 minutes. 
Time for Taiji weapon is 2 to 3 minutes. The Head Referee will  whistle upon reaching 2 minutes.
Competition time for group event shall be no more than 4 minutes.
Taiji Push-hand competition: Each match has two rounds. There is 2-minute net time for each round, but no break between the two rounds..
IV.  The compulsory routines should be played in sequence without any addition, subtraction or change of movement. Any one time of them comes with a 0.1 point deduction; and the points is deducted cumulatively. Scores will not be deducted if the movements do not be finished after Head Referee blow the whistle .
V.  Group events should have music(MP3 format should be self-provided by the participants), 0.1 point will be deducted by the Head Referee if not. Music should be played by the coach or team leader . 0.1 point will be deducted by the Head Referee if there are any lyrics accompanying the music.  
VI.  Age groups
 Individuals and Group Events:
Group A: Age 11 and under 11 (born after January 1st, 2008.)
Group B: Age12-17 (born between January 1st, 2002 and December 31st, 2007.)
Group C: Age 18-39 (born between January 1st, 1980 and December 31st, 2001.)
Group D: Age 40-59 (born between January 1st, 1960 and December 31st, 1979.)
Group E: Age 60 and 60 over (born before January 1st, 1959)
Taiji Push-hand:
Ages between 19 and 45(January 1st, 1974-- December 31th, 2000).
9. Placing and Awards
I.  Individual Events: 20% of the participants will be awarded the first prize in each individual events and each age group, 30% the second and 30% the third. The winners will be awarded medals and certificates and the rest competitors will be awarded certificates. The number of winners will be calculated by the round-off method according to the actual number of competitors.
II.  Group Events: Group events will be divided into juvenile groups (Group A and Group B), adult groups (Group C, Group D and Group E). Competitors who participate in Taijiquan, Taiji Weapon and Taijiquan with Weapon shall be awarded the first prize (20%), the second prize (40%) and the third prize (40%) in the group events.The winners will be awarded plaque (for teams) and certificates (for athletes) .
III.  Push-hand Events: The first eight place winners for male and female competitors shall be awarded respectively in each weight category. If the number of participants is less than 9, the number of awardees should be one less than that of the participants; if the number of participants is no more than 2, there will be no ranking in the corresponding event. The first three winners will be awarded medals and certificates while the fourth to the eighth will be awarded certificates.
IV.  For the competitors with no ranking or award, there will be participation commemoration certificates awarded by the Organizing Committee.
V.  For individual events, within each age group, for men and women, in which the total number of registered participants is 5 people or less, these events will be combined based on the similar events and age group, and the men and women participants shall be awarded separately.
VI.   Drawing lots will be adopted in grouping if one event has over 60 athletes.
VII.  The “Taijiquan Elite” of China·Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Exchange Competition will be set.
The “Taijiquan Elite” will be awarded to four candidates, who are selected from Taijiquan and Taiji Weapon events, for male and female respectively (overseas groups). Participants should be the first place winner in each individual events (the event should be entered by 5 and more than 5 participants). Winners will be awarded the “Taijiquan Elite Award” certificate and RMB 10,000 prize.
 If willing to join in the “Taijiquan Elite Grand Prix”, the individual first-place winner should register in Compiling and Recording Department immediately after the individual event. If the athlete is the first place winner in both Taijiquan and Taijiquan Weapon, he or she should select one of the two events on the spot; and the second place winner as a substitute will sign up for the other event.
VIII.  “Taiji Push-hand Star” Award is set. The first winner of the competitions whose actual participant number is no less than 8, will be awarded “Taiji Push-hand Star” Award certificate and RMB 1,000 prize.
IX.  The “Wushu Morality Awards” is set up for the athletes and referees. The awards will be conferred according to the number of the competitors and events, competition results and competition morals, sportsmanship and disciplinary behavior.
10.  Entry and Registration
I.  Entry
Please read the competition regulations carefully as you register. It is to register online to take part in this exchange competition. The website to log in is Each team leader should finish online registration before August 16th, 2019, together with uploading to the website the copies of each person’ s passport or pass permission, Responsibility Statement (with a handwritten signature), Life Insurance (Duration should include September 15th-22th, 2019), and electronic one-inch photos, as required. The overdue registration will not be accepted.
II.  Registration
Please register in Jiaozuo, Henan Province before18:30, September 15th, 2019(The location of registration will be notified in due course).
Athletes should bring Health Certificate (physical examination report within 15 days before the competition includes blood pressure, pulse, electrocardiogram), copy of passport or pass permission,  one-inch size photos, Responsibility Statement (with a handwritten signature), Life Insurance (Duration should include September 15th-22th, 2019) when you are registering in Jiaozuo.
Transportation Route:
- Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport: Teams may arrive in Zhengzhou from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou by plane. A reception station will be set up at the airport.
- Zhengzhou Railway Station: Teams may arrive in Zhengzhou from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi'an by train. A reception station will be set up at the railway station.
- Jiaozuo Railway Station: Teams may arrive in Jiaozuo from Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an by train. A reception station will be set up at the railway station.
11.  Expenses
I.  The Committee will arrange the unified accommodation. The expenses shall be borne by the participating teams.
II.  Accommodation Standards:
US $60.00 (standard room);
US $75.00 (single room)
III.  The expenses mentioned above will include the expenses of
accommodation, competition, local transportation, and other activities arranged by the Organizing Committee.
12.  Arbitration Board and Referees
I. The composition and responsibilities of Arbitration Board are defined by the Decree of Arbitration Board.
II. Candidates of the referees will be selected and informed by Chines Wushu Association in due course.
13.  Contact Information
I. Office: Foreign Affairs Department of the Chinese Wushu Association
Contact person:  Fu Bo
Telephone: +86 10-64912153
Fax: +86 10-64912151
Address: No.3, An'ding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100029
II.  Office: Sports Bureau of Jiaozuo City, Hanan Province, China.
Contact persons: Zhang Yafeng  Yang Beifang
Telephone: 0086-391-3934492/3996522/3933192
Fax: 0086-391-3996522/3934492
Address: The Southeast corner of the crossing of Shanyang Road and Fengshou Road, the Natatorium of Jiaozuo Taiji Sports Center, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, China
Postcode: 454002
14.  Other Matters
I.  The Technical Meeting will be held at 9:00 on 16th September, 2019. Team leaders and coaches are required to attend the Technical Meeting on time. The venue of the meeting will be informed in due course.
II.  Athletes shall go through Life Insurance and Health Certificate formalities by their own, and shall sign the Responsibility Statement. Otherwise, the entry qualifications shall be stripped of.
III.  The medical group will undertake health check on athletes and check the Life Insurance, Responsibility Statement and Health Certificate after team’s arrival. The athletes will be disqualified from the competition if they are found with health problem.
IV.  All delegation teams should check the information in the program brochure carefully and thoroughly; if you find any mistake in the applicant and category lists, please send the completed correction application form to the the competition department of the organizing committee for review before 12:00 on September 16th. The phone shall be signed by the applicant himself/herself or the team leader or coach whose contact telephone number is also to be specified. The chief competition programmer will accept the change if the correction is in line with the original entry form, otherwise the application will be rejected.
V.  The weighing-in for Taiji Push-hand athletes will start at 6:00 on September 17th (see the specific location on the reporting notice). Athletes absent from the weighing-in cannot participate in the Taiji Push-hand competition. The athletes will be disqualified from the competition if the reported weight is not in accordance with that measured by the organizing committee (above the reported weight rank).
VI.  The athletes shall register for competition 30 minutes prior to the competition and wait at the check-in place before the competition. If they are absent after 3 times roll call, they will be regarded as “abstention”.
VII.  All of the athlete’s competition results shall be cancelled if he/she does not participate in the competition without prior notification.
VIII.  Athletes who are participate in Taijiquan or Taiji Weapon events should wear traditional Wushu costumes and Wushu shoes; the costumes and weapons are both self-provided. Athletes who participate in Taiji Push-hand events should provide both black and white costumes by themselves.
IX.  The words of team name is limited to 10 Chinese characters. Following words are nor allowed in names: world, international, China, Chinese.
X.  The Rules and Regulations may be interpreted solely at the discretion the Chinese Wushu Association.
XI.  The regulations and rules can be downloaded on the website of the Chinese Wushu Association:

15.  Any additional information uncovered in this regulation shall be provided by the Organizing Committee in due course.


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