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The 6th Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi annual conference (Announcement)

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The 6th Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi annual conference &
The 5th "The Tao of Tai Chi Forum – Intellectual vs. Martial"
Public Announcement

Taichi is a sport that utilizes the body language to manifest the balance of Yin and Yang. It is a sport created in accordance with the laws of nature and the human biological and psychological needs.
With hundreds years of rich history, Taichi moves are smooth like flowing water with natural and relaxed postures. Taichi power is balanced with softness and solidness which enable it to be an exercise suitable for the whole body. Taichi is a popular sport yet it is also an intangible heritage that boosts our cultural self-confidence with its iconic Chinese cultural values. 

Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium follows the sixty-keyword theme of his lineage system – “De (德 Ethics), Cheng (诚 Honesty), Gong (公 Fairness), Xuan (宣 Openness), Ren (仁 Benevolence) …. After the last five well noted successful symposiums, the highly expected 6th Symposium themed “Yi (义 Righteousness) will be held in the fall of 2019 at Cha Ya Mountain, a scenic area of Zhumadian, Henan Province!

 “Benevolence is about people and righteousness is how people get along”. ——《Book of Rites - Moderation》
“Righteousness helps to cultivate our prestige. ”——《Shuo Wen Jie Zi》

"Righteousness is what bounds people together and Tao is the way to the world." Taichi practitioners undertake the mission to promote righteousness, educate people and maintain health through the practice of martial arts. Bearing the responsibility to promote the Tao of Chinese martial arts and Taichi, there is a group of Taichi practitioners who hold their faith and responsibilities with the purpose to better their home and country. They have actively participated in the great endeavor to promote Taichi. For the past few decades, they have brought Taichi to people at every corner of the world.
Chinese culture advocates the spirit that the world is one big family and we all thrive for the betterment of the mankind. The health of the people needs Taichi, the inheritance of excellent culture requires Taichi. Taichi will also contribute to enhance exchange of international cultures. “Rid the old and promote the new. Advance with the times. Adhere to the law of nature and stay in harmony with nature.” This is the core spirit and survival philosophy of Chinese civilization. It will be brought to the world and shine evermore brilliantly through the unremitting efforts of these Taichi practitioners!

The 6th Chen Zhenglei Taichi annual symposium is based on the theme of "Practice rightlessness wherever we go and bring Taichi to people all over the world!" It consists of two major sections: The 5th "The Tao of Tai Chi Forum – Intellectual vs. Martial" i.e. the "Chinese Taichi Dream· Hundred Cities Thousand Public Seminars" and the 21st Chen’s Taichi Advanced Training Workshop. The Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium is a high-profile Taichi Cultural Festival. It is highly regarded in the martial arts sector. Grand Master Chen Zhenglei will be heading his outstanding team to host the symposium and the workshops. This event is expected to break the record in terms of topics covered and number of people attending.

【Date】September, 21st – 27th, 2019 (20th Check in)
【Address】Spring country, Cha Ya Mountain scenic spot, Zhumadian, Henan Province
Henan Taichi Association
Henan Chen Zhenglei Taichi Culture Limited
Henan Yuanzheng Taichi Culture Development Limited

Introduction to "Cha Ya Mountain" 5A Level Scenic Area:
Cha Ya Mountain, also known as Linglong Mountain, and Xishan Immortal Mountain. Cha Ya Mountain is located in Luanping County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province. It belongs to Funiu Mountain east margin stretching branch. It is famous for exotic stones, magical peaks and beautiful scenery. South mountain, South Mountain, Huaguo Mountain and Six-peak Mountain are connected surrounding the Xiumei Lake, Pipa Lake, Baihua Lake and Tianmo Lake. There are more than 300 scenic spots such as peaks, caves, sheds and rocks. In 2004, Lushan was listed as a national geological park; in 2015, it was rated as a national AAAAA tourist attraction. ChaYa mountain is the birthplace of the first people's commune in Chinese history and it is the location of the "Journey to the West" and "Sequel to the Journey to the West" TV series. It is said that Wu Chengen once lived in this mountain and wrote this novel which among the Four Great Classical Novels.

The 6th Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium
(The 21st International Chen’s Taichi Advanced Training Workshop)

Symposium Event Section
● 【Opening Ceremony of the 6th Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Annual Conference】
The annual opening ceremony of the Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Annual Conference is based on Tai Chi culture, which attract worldwide visitors and customers and let them experience the prosperous Tai Chi by themselves!
● 【The 5th "The Tao of Tai Chi Forum – Intellectual vs. Martial" and the "Chinese Taichi Dream• Hundred Cities Thousand Public Seminars"】
Renowned cultural and economic scholars, experts and masters of Taichi and other boxing styles from all over the country will gathered at "The Tao of Tai Chi Forum – Intellectual vs. Martial". The symposium covers a wide range of topics in Chinese culture, martial arts practical theories. They range from Chinese to Western and from ancient to modern in areas of humanities, politics and economics, the ways of intellectual advancement and military arts achievements. The speakers will explore the trend of Chinese martial arts and health and culture industries. Let Taichi be in an important part of the great revival of Chinese culture!
"Chinese Taichi Dream • Hundred Cities Thousand Public Seminars" is an initiative to   1,000 public seminars in 100 cities in the world to cover the techniques of Taichi boxing and the cultural background of Taichi. These seminars will make positive impact on people's health, families and social harmony.
● 【Taichi Show for Welcoming the National Day 70th Birthday】
70th anniversary of New China! All the participating practitioners will showcase their Taichi boxing in Cha Ya Mountain to express the joy of welcoming the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Let us be part of this historical moment!
●  【Wonderful " Taichi verve" Show, Experts Performance】
Star performers of all major Taichi style will appear at this even. They will showcase their fantastic Taichi skills. Don’t miss this! You will appreciate the wonderful performance of Chen Zhenglei's Taichi at the opening ceremony of the symposium, during the forum and at the closing dinner.
● 【Chinese Wushu Duanwei (Ranking) Examination】
Chinese Wushu Duanwei is a ranking system sanctioned by the Chinese National Wushu Association for the purpose of full evaluation of a wushu practitioner’s skill level. It is a great means for wushu enthusiasts to self-evaluate and self-motivate for higher achievements. The Duanwei examination at the Fifth Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium will be hosted by Henan Provincial Taichi Association which is sanctioned by the Chinese National Wushu Association to host 1 to 6 Duan examinations.
● 【Chen Zhenglei Taichi System Instructor Certification Examination】
Being a renowned international Taichi brand, we hold the ideal of “Authenticity and True Source” in the Chen Zhenglei Taichi System. We have insisted on keeping the most strictly standards for our instructor certification examinations. Our certified instructors are recognized in hundreds of centers in China and other parts of the world! There are over a hundred Taichi practitioners who become professional Taichi instructors through the Chen Zhenglei Taichi System Certification Program.

The 21st International Chen’s tai chi advanced training Workshop
【Advanced Workshop Lecturer and Instructor Team】
Chief Lecturer: Grand Master Chen Zhenglei
Lecturer Team: Grand Master Chen Zhenglei’s Outstanding In-Chamber Disciples
Instructor Team: Chen Zhenglei Taichi System Designated Instructors and Outstanding Chief Instructors of Branch Institutes
【Class Schedule】
1、Grand Master Chen Zhenglei’s disciple class(Chief Instructor: Chen Zhenglei)
(The main content is new frame No. 1, No. 2 and Push-hands)
2、Old frame No. 1 traditional teaching class(Contains five classes, Chief Instructor: Chen Bin)
(1)Old frame No. 1 – Learning the Postures and Moves
(Suitable for zero-basis students, from the beginning to learn Old frame No. 1 normally)
(2)Old frame No. 1 – Correcting the Postures and Moves
(in the 1 to 3 years after learning the old frame No. 1, correct moves through the teaching of the vertical frame)
(3)Old frame No. 1 – Finetuning the Postures and Moves
(in the 3 to 5 years after learning the old frame No. 1, explore the external details and inner strength by pinching the frame)
(4)Old frame No. 1 – Improving the Flow of Postures and Moves
(more than 5 years after learning the old frame No. 1, connect the movements continuously, smoothly and naturally)
(5)Old frame No. 1 – Dissecting the Postures andMoves
(more than 10 years after learning the old frame No. 1, explore the meaning of attack and defense, attack skills)
Reminder: The post-announcement will have the wonderful introduction video of the five-step teaching method of the old frame No. 1, it will let learning simple and clear.
3. Old Frame No.2 Progressive
Pre-requisite: completed Old Frame No. 1 with good mastery
4. New Frame No. 1 Fundamental
(Suitable for zero-basis students, from the beginning to learn New frame No. 1 normally)
5、New Frame No.2 Progressive
(Require the basis of old frame No. 1, boxing in more expertly)
6. Taichi Push-hands Fundamentals
Pre-requisite: completed Old Frame One with good mastery
7.Taichi Combative Push-hands Advanced
Pre-requisite: mastery of push-hands basics with combat foundation
8、Taichi Single Sabre, Single Sword Class
(Require the basis of old frame No. 1 or new frame No. 1, boxing in more expertly)
9、Taichi Double Sabre, Double Sword Class
(Require the basis of Single Sabre, Single Sword, boxing in more expertly)
10、Chen’s Tai Chi Spear(Pear Blossom Spear with White Ape Staff)Class
(Require the basis of old frame No. 1 or new frame No. 1, boxing in more expertly)
11. Youth Taichi and Youth Instructor Training
Suitable for youth and those who aim to learn teaching methods for young students.
Note: Only one of the New frame No. 2 Progressive and Chen’s Tai Chi spear will run based on the number of registration.

【Symposium Fees and Notes】:
 A.Disciple Class (Grand Master Chen Zhenglei)
 Fee: $700
Early Bird:  $600 (Prior to August 5, 2019)
Dead Line:September 5th, 2019 no exception.
B. Non-Disciple Class
Fee: $800
Early Bird: $700 (Prior to August 5, 2019)
Dead Line: September 5th, 2019 no exception.
(2)Fees will cover:
 ①Registered classes and activities
 ②Graduation photo and other administrative expenses
 ③One set of Taichi outfit
(3)Fees do not cover:
① Accommodation (Symposium will help making arrangements)
② Meals
③ Traffic to and from the Symposium
④ Examinations for Duanwei and Instructor Certificate
(4)Accommodation (Including meals):
$100 per person per day(single room)
$80 per person per day(shared double room)

【Registration and Information】
A. On-line Registration
B. Register at the head office or branch institutes
C. Payment method: on-site cash payment

D.Contact Us: 
WeChat ID:正雷太极

 All participants agree to the following terms:
1. The participant understands all risks and/or damage caused by nature or own physical conditions. The participant registers and participates in the Fifth Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium on his/her own will.

2. Graphic or video as well as interviews can only be taken by media designated by the organizing committee of the Symposium. The Symposium has the right to use materials including but not limited to videos, films and all other materials obtained at the Symposium for commercial and non-commercial use. No further request for permission of use from the participants will be necessary.  

3. The participant is not allowed to bring cellphone, camera, or video/audio recorder to the classroom. No video or audio recording is allowed in any classes or seminars.
4. There will be no refund for paid fees. Those who cannot attend the Symposium after registration must notify the host prior to 12:00,June 20, 2019 for a credit to be used at future events or for merchandise purchases.
※ For Information on Duanwei and Instructor Certificate Examination regarding fees and registration, please check WeChat and Official Website.