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The 5th Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium

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5  陈正雷太极拳年会

8  农历陈家沟太极功夫精英赛




With a few hundred years of rich history, Taichi moves are smooth like flowing water with natural and relaxed postures. Taichi power is balanced with softness and solidness which enable it to be an exercise suitable for the whole body. Taichi is a popular sport yet it is also an intangible heritage that boosts our cultural self-confidence with its iconic Chinese cultural values.


Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium follows the sixty-keyword theme of his lineage system – “De (德 Ethics), Cheng (诚 Honesty), Gong (公 Fairness), Xuan (宣 Openness), Ren (Benevolence) …. After the last four well noted successful symposiums, the Fifth Symposium will be hosted in early summer at the Taichi birth place Chenjiagou under the keyword of Ren (Benevolence).

 “Zixia Said: Learning extensively yet with determined focus; inquiring with earnestness yet relating to current affairs, benevolence is in such a course.” – Confucian Analects

“The benevolent loves others.” – Mencius 

As the old saying goes: Benevolence is the reason why humans are superior to all other creatures. For a martial artist, it is even more so!

Practicing Taichi can help one understand the Law of Taichi. One can harvest the fruit of health and happiness. A Taichi practitioner, loves him/herself, his/her family, nation and his/her country!

For hundreds of years, Taichi has attracted countless men and women with high standards of virtue to practice and develop this art. They were attracted to Taichi for its positive energy and the outstanding Chinese cultural self-confidence it represents. Presently, Taichi continues to function as a social activity to promote civilization and the metal and physical health of mankind.

There are over three hundred million Taichi practitioners in the world. In the world of Taichi, there is no division of races or states. Everyone practices the same art. Everyone enjoys the same equality, friendship and love! With the rapid advance of the Belt and Road project (一带一路), the story of China also includes the story of Taichi. The soft power of Chinese culture also includes the well-known art of Taichi!

Today, a group of Taichi inheritors and ambassadors are shining on the ever-great stage of a new era with their great talents! They are down to earth with lofty ideals. They are carrying on the nation’s rich tradition and showing the unyielding determination to realize “China Dream and Taichi Dream”.

The theme of the Fifth Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium is “Realizing Taichi Dream with the heart of a Benevolent Warrior”. The Symposium is composed of four main sections: the Eighth China Chenjiagou Taichi Kungfu Elite Tournament; the Fourth “Dao of Taichi Forum” and “China Taichi Dream – 1000 Seminars in 100 Cities” Public Seminar; Taichi Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition and Chen Zhenglei Taichi Life Showcase; and the Twentieth International Chen’s Taichi Advanced Workshop. Chen Zhenglei Taichi Annual Symposium is a grand Taichi fest with worldwide recognition and participation. Grand Master Chen Zhenglei is one of first state recognized Intangible Cultural Inheritor representing Chen’s Taichi. He will take the lead hosting this Symposium from the beginning to the end. He will lead his elite team of Taichi instructors to share their knowledge of Taichi with Taichi enthusiasts from all over the world. We expected the number of participants to be another record high. 红色是本次研讨会的主题颜色。象征着中华民族复兴的活力和热情,太极艺术的大发展!

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