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Knowledge of the lack of force in taijiquan (5)

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:113次
Five, "not hard" is the life characteristic of taijiquan
The adhesion of taijiquan is unique in martial arts, and the "strength" of taijiquan is also unfamiliar to ordinary martial arts. Some people consider the empirical materialism of "practice is the criterion for testing truth", let the ignorant of the students to practice tai chi experience "strength from the foot", the results of these students are natural zhang two monks confused, therefore his conclusion is that "jin from the foot does not exist". According to such "practice of the method of testing truth", people don't understand Musical Instruments play music on the flute, blowing all day blowing out music, so can also thinks the flute is not playing the music; The elementary school students should take calculus, and the primary school students are of course the two monks, so you can also think that calculus does not exist. Isn't this "practice test" ridiculous? For taijiquan "theory, its root in the foot" in the modern sports to the badminton ball technology research has confirmed that it is better to use "hitting method of momentum transfer" will need to relax, local don't have the initiative, and force beginning from the foot.. Tai chi chuan the strength and the use of "momentum" badminton ball method are two different things, but at least can prove that the human body to relax by foot and beginning. Wavy transfer of power in the scientific theory is based on, and is not a fable. Must understand. Taijiquan "vigorously" based on adhesion strength in easy-going are technology, is a person must have certain conditions can experience, and different levels, to experience the feeling of is also different.
Taijiquan is not unique in Chinese martial arts. Analysis, the related information of tai chi chuan "strength" and a high level of six-mergence boxing, xingyi, in comparison with the strength of boxing, although not necessarily exactly the same, but have a lot in common, may be essentially "momentum". As Mr. Sun lutang wrote in "the truth of fist", he said: "the strength of... "The force of the action is not good, but if it is not, it is false." "Chinese martial arts", in the 7th term of 2004, xie chuncheng, a disciple of the founder of yiquan, Mr. Wang yizhai, said, "I want to lose my strength." All of these reflect the skill of the martial arts with varying degrees of "inforce". Because of tai chi chuan the "power" and the general force is very different, so although this often hard method the essentials were introduced, but some people through exercise or feel nothing for a long time, one of the important reasons is not to abandon their understanding of local muscle tension force instinct.
Since taijiquan contains dissolve, people in the back of the potential attack on adhesion strength in easy-going attacks is based on "no force", take the "no force" if, so tai chi chuan with adhesion strength in easy-going nature also was done not have, taijiquan nature also is only a "skin" and essence, visible "no force" is the life of the taijiquan characteristics. Tai chi this "vigorously" the average person is often hard to distinguish from the appearance, it is like salt and sugar are white fine grained, cast iron on the model and the model for the bubble shape can be the same, the Chinese phonetic alphabet and English letters of the glyph is the same, shape is difficult to distinguish. Therefore, Mr. Yang chengfu said in the law of use of taijiquan, "tai chi... The only thing that can be found is the love. To know modern Chinese martial arts centre, across the country, tai chi chuan is the subject will set will learn, and JianXue tai chi chuan tai chi chuan martial arts of individuals with a large number of people actually practiced not what Mr Yang Chengfu purely "tai chi", or even just to learn the appearance of a tai chi chuan, that proverb which says (saying) : "learn tai chi chuan is a dime a dozen, winners annals." "It is not clear to me," said Yang chengfu, in the law of the use of taijiquan. "it is a kind of tai chi, which is the same as the outside." This "not force" is a fundamental "internal reason", and if there is no "interior", the dynamic posture of taijiquan can not be correct. This type of taijiquan, which is neither "internal" nor "proper", can never enter the door of taiji even if it is practiced for a lifetime. As Mr Fung said in his book: "there is no such thing as a few punches and a practice of taijiquan." But now many people just learn the appearance of the taijiquan movement thought mastery of tai chi chuan, thought is taijiquan veteran or expert, for tai chi constant review. "The taste of white sugar," which is "impossible" in a journal, is often commented on.
Since the life characteristics of taijiquan is "no force", for learning to practice tai chi chuan, especially for beginners, definitely not what some people naturally "' intention is not hard for senior level, beginner may not adapt to", but to learn tai chi practice exercise a beginning for "no force" and "relative" neural response is "intention" of exercise, or haven't started to learn to practice tai chi. Because taijiquan movements must be the "gas" and "power", rather than the normal force, and as the road show hidden, then the disciple of Mr Li Jingwu Mr Yang Qingfeng article puts it: "in the intermediate stages of wrestling, strength and force is opposite, I have no you, incompatible, force is the natural enemy of strength and the strength inside the strong is not born, born to strength inside must not force... Not a bit of force... It is the first key to the practice of taijiquan. , of course, in general, for beginners is impossible to transfer the force of the feet to the arm, it must be from the simplest begins with a body appliance with exercise, in exercise chest muscle and abdominal muscle, back muscle movement of the arm action, gradually by the sink down until reach to be able to use the whole body and foot pedal twist the arm action, eventually even the foot pedal twist seems to have if if no. Article on "the road show hidden," Mr Sun Jinxing records Mr Li Jingwu said: "when you put your arms and hands did not have time to practice, you'll have a kung fu", this sentence is very interesting. Is "no force" is a standard, inspection of taiji kung fu tai chi "no force" is not "no redundant force", "don't use too much force", "no unnecessary force" and "backward", but really want to pursue a bit don't generally described the force, which is to pursue a little without local muscle active contraction caused by bone leverage force of nature.
Many of the laws of the world are often discovered by reverse thinking, and the perception of reverse thinking is often the most unexpected or unrecognized. When Copernicus' day was published, most people thought it was nonsense; Before the 1930s, most people didn't believe in the existence of antimatter such as positive electrons and negatively charged protons in the universe. In 1820, when the phenomenon of the current induced magnetic field was found to be of great interest to scientists around the world, almost no one except Faraday, the British physicist, thought that magnetic fields could generate electricity. Humanity's greatest scientist Albert Einstein prove on the sphere surface, such as the three angles of the triangle and not less than l80 degree is greater than before, for the three angles of the triangle and is equal to 180 degrees to the law of geometric almost everyone don't doubt, this is because a lot of people are accustomed to normal thinking, not good at reverse thinking. So never exposed to English to English sound can express meaning will feel incredible, tasted salt not only tasted sugar the one who is, won't believe white fine particle is sweet, and had not learned tai chi chuan tai chi or learn only a empty shell shape without taijiquan experience for boxing can "vigorously" feel is incredible, so think words in ancient Chinese taijiquan boxing classic spectrum is nonsense, it is not surprising. Now, however, some people think that they are both descendants of taijiquan, but not a taijiquan terms in the "power" and "force" is very different, think "don't" this sentence is ill-chosen expression, even think straight out "no force" is wrong, think that tai chi "is a must force", that is, indeed, as both claim to be tasted sugar, and think that sugar is salty is incredible. Frankly, I don't think such people practice tai chi. Because boxing can't be taijiquan without "no exertion". Of course, these people have the martial arts master, if the ring of "wuling congress" may also enter the top four, but I absolutely do not think such people know tai chi. In short, "not hard" is the life characteristic of taijiquan.