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The awareness of the lack of force in taijiquan (4)

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Iv. "no exertion" is the need of taijiquan "extremely rigid"
It has caused the "people to carry me on the back", even to make people "fall through", apparently not completely to the purpose of martial arts people. There are two main methods of taijiquan in the works of taijiquan, such as Yang's old age spectrum and Mr Yang cheng fu, which are the two main methods of taijiquan. Television and the Internet to martial arts with acupuncture has reflect this has endangered technology, such as on September 21, 2007, jiangxi satellite TV "legend" reported the Zhang Weibo professor, institute of China academy of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture to get Mr Wudang internal work taught jian-guang zhang test point, there is a thought has a strong fighting power of Mr Zhang Yunlai insisted that experience is the feeling of acupuncture, the result is in chapter ventral lightly door hole is almost like a bit, immediately collapse on the floor in a coma and completely lose the ability to resist. Jiangxi news "the fifth community" reporters observed is said to be able to point to people and animals died instantly of jiangxi pingxiang a master chakra Xie Qiping Sir, thank a gentleman to gently with fingers in the chicken back a bit, not only makes a frisky chicken is on the verge of death and dying slowly, and can use solution hole method dying chickens immediately returned to normal. Professor zhang weibo passed the instrument test, and when the body of the man was pointed, the point of the point of the point of the point was the linear infrared extension of the movement abnormality. These are reflected with acupuncture is a not requires great strength, and can cause person over a period of time immediately lose resistance and immediately or completely gradually cause of disability, death, did not understand the modern science and explained it is martial arts techniques. It is obvious that taijiquan is the most important means for the weak and the weak. However, the power of the taijiquan techniques and terrible place, in addition to in the old and the young's spectrum "would be a very superficial understanding to the outside, because the hurt is too dangerous, also can say is now lost in the inheritance of modern Chinese tai chi chuan, are still preserved Mr Yang Chengfu said" people like to take off the projectile "makes people fell down to the distance. It is obvious that such a result must have a powerful force, the ancient taijiquan classic called "the arrow," the "strong". Can know from the old and young's spectrum, the ancient taiji ancestors will this kind of "power" and the general "force" the strict distinction, learn tai chi must distinguish "force" and "power", must restrain "force" and "power" to follow. The concept of "force" and "strength" is different, which is the basic common sense of taijiquan. This concept is very profound and obvious in true taiji. From the ancient taijiquan classic, "young's old age spectrum" and the works of the modern taijiquan family, it can be found that the "strength" of taijiquan is different from that of the so-called force. In general, the so-called force refers to the result of the changes of the bone lever due to the different contraction of the local muscles of the limb, and its value is mostly manifested in the product of the mass and speed of the parts. This kind of force external shock, the local body must muscle tension, often need partial body to move clearly, move the physical ability of the limb must obviously consume. And tai chi chuan "strength" is ancient taiji classics called "such as the practice in", which is in the body wavy transfer force, belongs to the modern movement mechanics calls "momentum" in the body. This "power" can make the arm mobile body as by waving a whip, such as can not hard without physical consumption, even under the condition of the body almost no displacement sent outside power. So Mr Chen says "the force is tangible, the strength is invisible". Mr Li yaxuan mentioned in his essay "essays" that Mr Yang chengfu often just "shivered", "a drum", "a shot" and "a sitting". The arms were almost always soft, as Mr. Cheng said was like "broken arms"; Li yaxuan also repeated in his essay "essays" that the arms of taijiquan must always be relaxed and soft. The ancient taijiquan classic has a "very soft and very strong" language. This sentence can reflect not only the powerful strength of the tai chi by no tense muscles sudden outbreak in a state of very soft, and reflect the powerful strength in Mr Ya-xuan li tai chi said "big pine soft" as the carrier.
Of course, some people in the modern taijiquan community say that only "big loose and soft" can have a powerful force to happen, which is very one-sided and wrong. Taijiquan due to "force" "big pine soft" just for the ability to "momentum" of strength is passed to the arm and created the conditions, or just "momentum transfer and transfer conditions. Modern sports mechanics points out that the "momentum transfer" of human body must have the occurrence of "phase movement" of the human body. That is, if there is no neural response to the "phase movement", it is impossible to have a strong and powerful force. Not only will it be necessary to "move towards each other", but "qi" will also have to be "xiang-movement". The ancient "meaning" included all the mental and neurological activities, and the neural response to this "xiang-xiang-movement" was clearly what Mr Yang called "meaning". Therefore, Mr. Yang chengfu said in "the ten tai chi kung fu", "practicing taijiquan loosens the whole body, so that there is no need for it to stay in the blood and veins between the muscles and veins." If you do not force and intend, the meaning will go to you. It takes a long time to practice. This statement of Mr. Yang chengfu fits perfectly with the introduction of modern motor mechanics on the condition of "momentum transfer" in the human body. The word "without force and purpose" in this sentence is not a turning point but a juxtaposition. Many people in the modern taichi world interpret the phrase "and" as a turning point, and interpret it as "not punching, but punching", which is wrong. This sentence should be interpreted as a juxtaposition, which is interpreted as "fist, not hard, but also intended". In modern language expression, Mr Yang Chengfu means tai chi to the pursuit of the whole body relax always don't actively hard, on the basis of this, and the pursuit of the whole body and orderly coordination "relative" neural response; If this can be done, the "qi" and "real inner strength" needed by tai chi will not be able to happen by "self-binding".
What is "xiang-movement"? Movement mechanics is pointed out that "the equal and opposite reaction", specifically body is "a link down inevitably cause another link up, a link to the left will cause another link to the right, and so on". For example, if you pedal down, you must have the power to push up. Tai chi is must by to the unconscious self training with this reaction in conditioned reflex, specifically, all movement should be demonstrated overhead suspension cause gas sink, causing "tai chi long fist," says Mr Sun Naxin spin and power "in" a foot of twisting, Mr Sun lu-t 'ang "taiji learning" in "enough to push up strength (language cloud:" strength from heel ") ", at the same time, his hips and shoulders after sinking, alvine adduction, "Ming tu, behind, and so on the reverse of each other. This "phase movement" has the feel of the brakes, but the brakes are the stop-motion of the car, while the "xiang-xiang-movement" is the unmoving car because the brakes are on the way. Essentially taijiquan "relative" should include the human body each joint, the vertebral body from top to bottom in an orderly fashion interact relative extrusion and support to the contrary, to the power of the whole body loose sink down in the foot up. Mr. Li pinyin summed up this reaction as "bigger than before, bigger than before, bigger than hands", giving a vivid and vivid inspiration. The actual experience without such reactions, no matter how relaxed the body, is also impossible to have "qi" and "energy". Can actually feel the happening of this kind of "power" seems to be a sudden moments of muscle tension, but the process is difficult to experience sense, just a flash, and it seems to be a flash in the muscle tension has no active ingredient, is totally passive, involuntary. Knows this meet Chen Yan Lin, according to Mr Tian Zhaolin taught in "the theory of taiji sword pole sanshou - strength" of the "hand to strength, not of the first without effort, both had no strength, after but the purpose of the pour, disease such as lightning, the sniper was closed, the folding of the gas concentration, effortless".
Some people think that taijiquan must be soft and rigid, or not in line with "Yin and Yang". In fact, the ancient taijiquan classic "extremely soft and then very rigid", it is believed that taijiquan exists "just" and "tight", "the very jian" reflects "just and" tight "; But ancient taiji classics also think taijiquan is "the gentle and not just", that is to say it is "very strong" as Chen Yan Mr Lin said "disease such as lightning, process will stop", even difficult to experience myself. The existence of anything in the world is inseparable from "Yin and Yang", but "Yin and Yang" are asymmetrical in some respects. For example, normal nutrition and trace substance, rice and salt exist in the Yin and Yang relationship. Is normal nutrition in the human body equal to the trace amount? Can rice be equal to edible salt? Obviously, if the Yin and Yang are equal, then people won't be able to live. The same is true of taijiquan. If people and themselves can feel the new and tight, this kind of rigid and tight will not necessarily be tai chi. Only subjective has always been the pursuit of "big pine soft", namely "no force", again with the "relative" reaction, namely "intention", and objectively the instant a flash outbreak transmitted by feet and doesn't seem to have the time difference of strength is the tai chi strength inside the "real". This kind of strength reflects the "Yin and Yang" of tai chi. Because this kind of strength is the nature of the whole body, transfer, not only formed the outbreak of this kind of trouble do not need to turn greatly waist etc., without warning, can take place by any posture, arm and arm can issue than local muscle is the biggest strength is much more power to; On the other hand, the intensity of the physical exertion of such a force can be more subjective than the physical exertion of bone leverage, which seems to be "effortless". This subjective feeling is consistent with the theory of motor mechanics. Sports mechanics indicate that a person's physical exertion is different in different ways. For example, the law of inertia suggests that the object can save energy by keeping its original motion state, while changing the state of motion is relatively laborious. "The sports anatomy," a foreign material: two players with the 4 minutes and 24 seconds to run a mile, one of the athletes with 20 yards per second speed is running at a constant speed, another speed is not fixed, the results showed that the power of two people and the pay is not the same as the physical, running at a constant speed is physical power and the cost is smaller than not fixed up the speed. Everyone can use the actual test to verify this theory: respectively in three different ways carrying heavy things up hill, the first way is the weight of a laptop, a second way is heavy objects separated to two laptop with the other, the third way is heavy with rope tied to a at the two ends of the pole with the shoulder, and the result while the same time to complete the weight to the slope, which is doing the same work, but it will be the first way energy cost, the largest third way manual cost minimum. This is because in the third way, the weight is directly burdened by the whole body. The strength of taijiquan is made by the muscles of the whole body, so it will feel less physical exertion. One of the factors that sports mechanics introduce is the strength of the muscle fibers. The greater the contraction, the greater the force. And the taijiquan pursues the whole body all the time not to exert force to relax, the whole body muscle can have a big preelongation at any time, therefore can be able to because of suddenly contractive suddenly and suddenly big force. Tai chi strength is the whole body by "relative to one another," what happened by the feedback of the feet, and his arm is people can made a lot of strength to, and use of energy is relatively small, it also makes the fight against longer odds, with small enemy zhuang, with old enemy zhuang is possible. Thus the strength has a characteristic, that is "more vigorously will more powerful", "a firm will not exert oneself to do", of course, the two sentences in their own a "force" refers to the local bone leveraged nature force, another "force" is caused by a loose heavy force transfer from down to up. When the whole body with appropriate relax, can have the feeling of initial strength passed, will find it is, the more strength when the body and arms can not pressure, the greater the power of arms can make, suddenly between, wrist, elbow, shoulder, would like to fly off, the chest, on the other hand, such as leaf big Mr Disciple said Mr Jin Renlin will stick to the back like a hollowed, and consumed energy but also the smaller. And strength if body, JianBei slightly a little initiative, and hard, instead of the power of the arm is greatly weakened and even have no, just as Mr Yang Chengfu say "to have tied their own beam". The use of the sword, in particular, can clearly reflect this kind of situation, as long as the "relative" coordinate properly, such as the arms and body movement trend, on the other hand, the less JianBei pressure, the body strength is, the more obvious, stab tip tremble forward will be particularly severe. Obviously for taijiquan, not only to master the adhesion, but also to be able to "not exert force", "not hard" is also the fundamental need of taijiquan.