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Knowledge of shadowboxing (2)

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:106次
Second, the expression "not hard" is correct
A lot of people in the modern martial of tai chi chuan the so-called "no force" in the journal article said disagree and disdain, some tai chi masters also said "' vigorously 'this sentence is ill-chosen expression", even with tai chi is frankly think wrestling "no force" it is not possible, so that it is wrong to "vigorously". There are many reasons for such a situation in modern times, and one of the key reasons is that some people don't understand that fuzzy concepts are indispensable and important thinking of human beings. Human judgment to something in many cases are all don't need to be very accurate and can't be very accurate and must not be very accurate, or many human cognition is, must also belongs to the concept of fuzzy judgment. People because of metabolism, and their faces every day keeps happening with slight change, everyone and I have written almost all have the same Chinese characters long or short, or tall or low, big or small, PI is not infinite decimals, the movie is actually changing 24 people unable to distinguish between a second series of pictures, television from top to bottom is teeming with faster makes one unable to distinguish between scan lines, and so on, due to human according to closely with their own senses resolution phase for fuzzy concept, think of a person's face away there is no change in a few years, L think different shapes of writing the same Chinese characters are the same word, think of PI in production, scientific research is widely used in a lot of, also don't need to be accurate to six, even think of movies and TV screen is active, these think belong to fuzzy concept. Who left the fuzzy concept, thought must be everywhere, and can do very accurate, so, a person out of the door and family, respectively, after a few days back home, and the people just don't know each other at home; If the same Chinese character is different, it will not be the same word. The calculation of PI is never calculated because of the infinite number of decimal calculations. Movies. Television also cannot enjoy. There is a joke, a nerd on the first day of school, the teacher taught him to met a "one" word, the next day, the teacher wrote him an "a" word, because the "one" word write longer than yesterday, this idiot don't know and thought it was another word, the teacher told him this is the character "one", he was very surprised, said: "how do you spent the night is long so much." The joke is that the judgment of fuzzy concepts is indispensable to human life and is very important.
Fuzzy concepts have been used in various human activities since ancient times. A lot of production, life there is no need to not only, also can't application must rely on modern precision scientific instruments to achieve very accurate, but must be applied for the actual need of fuzzy concept to judge. The approximate calculation of rounding in mathematics is the embodiment of fuzzy concept. Fuzzy concept reflects the quality mutual change concept of dialectics, the idea that a change if the number of things have not reached a certain value, thought that this thing has not changed, that is don't think that things change. For instance, the social property is improper, which is immoral, illegal and criminal, which is determined by quantity. Meaning in Chinese is really of the scope of the fuzzy quantifiers and also said, such as "three", "best" and "thousand" can be used to represent different levels of estimates, such as "think twice" not to say that think three times only, but said many times to think about, is five times to think about it, also known as "think twice", thinking the ten times also known as "think twice", thinking the twenty times can also referred to as "think twice". For "yes" and "no", human beings have often applied fuzzy concepts to judgment since ancient times. For example, the "no merit and merit" of "wei" in "wei lio" by pei songzhi of "The Three Kingdoms", "wei", "no" means not "no", but "small"; The tang dynasty poet du fu's masterpiece "cottage by the autumn wind to break the song" in the "group of child deceives me old unable to" south village, this paper the meaning of "weak" is not to say that there is not even stand up strength, but strength is small; In modern Chinese, there are such situations, such as "working out" doesn't mean that you can't even stand and do your work, but that the force is not up to the job requirements. I was too tired to say that I had no strength to stand, but that I felt inadequate. There are also such as "people are pushing hard, you don't exert force", also do not say a bit of force also need not, but say not to try hard and so on.
What Mr Yang chengfu calls "no exertion" is exactly the irreplaceable concept necessary for the teaching and communication of taijiquan. I now have an understanding of the so-called "not exertion", one of which is mainly aimed at the part of the body that causes body movements. "Not hard" means that the body part of the action is not forced, or the body of the activity should be driven by the body, which is an extension of one of the movements in the body. Take the arm "not hard" as an example, saying that the strength of the arm movement is transmitted from other parts of the body. This "unforced" concept does not include the ability of people to maintain a static standing posture for their arms. When practicing tai chi to be able to take a hand, it is said that the arm is "not hard" when it does feel that the part of the arm does not increase exertion for arm activity.
Second, and "no force" is refers to the person to maintain arm suspension static standing postures, general each local to maximize the less hard, pursue a few less force to reduce again, this may not be able to maintain a static posture, arm is about to fall off. Both of these "local forces" refer to the force of the bone lever nature caused by a different contraction of the local different muscle groups. Not only can the body not force the movement, but also maintain a static posture, local muscle can also use very small force. Using the arm to maintain the suspension for example, the force used can be less than a quarter of the maximum strength of the arm. From the sports anatomy, so persistent, static, small amount of force can be completely done by the muscle of red muscle work, at this point in the muscles used for strength, speed, power consumption, large activities of white muscle can be in a state of complete rest. Gradually increase after taiji kung fu, while maintaining the arm suspension static standing postures and used red muscle force very hour, on the one hand, I subjectively feel himself in the hard, stand like a man does not stand in his own strength to maintain the same; And the muscles of the shoulder arm are shown to be relatively softer than the average person, because the white muscle is in complete relaxation, and the red muscle is partially or relatively slack; For such a shoulder arm, it is more suitable for the language communication to be in accordance with the actual feeling and the objective reality. Arm used red muscle force, on the other hand, a quarter of the biggest power to arm, according to the room four approximate calculation rules, the five of us will be negligible in such a small force is fully in line with the scientific computing; Moreover, the strength of the arm of the tai chi master is much smaller than that of the maximum strength of the arm. Thus, according to the fuzzy concept, called such JianBei state "no force", no matter from the subjective and objective, in fact, from the scientific computing or saying is absolutely right, therefore, that "' taijiquan vigorously with speech disorders" is clearly false.