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Knowledge of shadowboxing (1)

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:244次
One, ancient and modern taijiquan family believed that taijiquan must not exert force
The most difficult thing to understand and do for tai chi is to "not force it". I began in 1965 has officially with several practice martial arts and martial arts teacher to learn tai chi chuan, beginning after I don't know taijiquan and taiji martial arts what is the essence of the difference, does not understand the so-called tai chi "no force" is what meaning, think of all the action is the result of the force, since is how actions can't hard? But I never doubt the correctness of the taijiquan "no force", because this is the modern tai chi master Mr Yang Chengfu first, and modern home all tai chi's work is so said. Of course, these taijiquan family are not short of the famous real combat family, like Mr. Sun lutang, who is revered by martial arts. Since some of the modern taijiquan of the actual combat house believe that taijiquan must not exert force, there must be reasons that I have not yet understood. Political at that time our generation have a very impressive word called "understanding to execute, temporarily don't understand also to perform", to tai chi chuan "vigorously" and so I do it, and first of all make the arm in the boxing is not hard... Now, however, I am very understanding and firmly believe that the taijiquan, such as Mr. Li ya-xuan and other taijiquan, is true to be the difference between taijiquan and non-taijiquan martial arts, which are incompatible with water fire. You can't use the method of taijiquan and the method of taijiquan martial arts. The key, then, is to have a "no hard" and the other "hard". "No force" and "hard" cannot coexist, tai chi practice, with the tai chi chuan martial arts also can't so you can be sure of taiji practice with the taijiquan martial arts if, the result is not practice tai chi chuan, is the practice of tai chi chuan martial arts, so a person can't is tai chi master again at the same time is taijiquan martial arts master, taijiquan must be able to both action and "vigorously".
In fact, the theory of "no force" in tai chi has appeared in ancient times. In this paper the trend of "thirteen" ancient boxing spectrum and the old and young's spectrum, there are a lot of have to be very soft and even called "the soft and not just" "touch adhesion with", it is very soft and it reflects the "no". Of course, the literature found so far reflects the ancient absence of "taijiquan". Mr Tang Hao etc in the modern history of taijiquan research according to the survey research in taijiquan research pointed out that in the book, such as: the earliest modern public ancient taijiquan boxing classic spectrum breaks down, regardless of the preliminaries, essay, article originally is not the word "tai chi", the so-called "tai chi" essay was added in modern descendants, even in 1930, when the yangs and their disciples report called "tai chi" boxing spread across the country, as Mr Chen twilight said in the preface to tai chi answered questions, "realizing cloud chung," was published by Mr Yang Chengfu, author will also have the yangs taijiquan to use the preaching of boxing in the social common habit known as "tai chi", the book contained in ancient Chinese taijiquan boxing classic spectrum nor said "Wang Zongyue taijiquan theory", but known as "tai chi Wang Zongyue theory"; And Yang lu-ch 'an teaches the disciple of the entire book full of "tai chi" "old and young's spectrum" 40 papers spectrum in this paper, we also have no "tai chi" designation, the spectrum will be discussed in young's learned to practice and teach boxing referred to as the "thirteen potential", "chang chuan" and "thirteen potential long fist"; The taijiquan use method also calls taijiquan "thirteen potential". Thus, Chen chang-hsing, Yang lu-ch 'an handing down the original title of "tai chi" is "thirteen potential long fist", and can be referred to as "thirteen potential" or "long fist," modern "tai chi" is the old and young's spectrum, the trend of "thirteen" renamed appellation. Some people in the modern taijiquan circle believe that the "taijiquan" and the ancient "thirteen potential" are two kinds of boxing, which is pure speculation about these facts. Henan bo 'ai tang village found fifty-five years of the reign of emperor kangxi (1716), lee's tenth world Li Yuanshan editing "lee's family tree", recorded in the tang village north of thousand years temple in the Ming dynasty longqing two years (in 1568) has called the "male" road to teach "thirteen potential boxing", and the existing ancient taijiquan spectrum, not only support the upright "draft history of qing, volume five hundred and fifty, five hundred and fifty, four of art" in "the king to salty" biography "within the family... To the mid-ming period, Wang Zongyue as the record is according to the ", also reflects the ancient taijiquan boxing classic spectrum has matured in the middle of Ming dynasty, but also reflects the martial arts can form the theory of "no force" at least through the test of four thousand five hundred - year - old already. Now, whenever someone follow me fist, learn driving force, "no force", and "not active", "not" is I often hung on word of mouth, punch well, the driver can't resolve the attack, the driver can't satisfactorily is out of control and to be sent, reason has "hard", "active" and "hands-on". The good boxing, the push hand can resolve the other people's attack satisfactorily, can make the person out of control and the hair satisfactorily, the reason all have "not hard", "do not take initiative" and "do not hand". And the people I learn from boxing know that it's true. In fact, "no effort", "no initiative" and "no hands" are expressions of the same behavioral response from different perspectives, while "not actively" and "not working" include "no effort".