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The answer to the four perplexed answers about Chen's taijiquan

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:145次
One, do you play tai chi slowly or fast?
Taijiquan is not about fast or slow, but it should be fast and not messy. What is fast but not messy, slow and not scattered? No matter how fast you practice, you must combine the shape with the inner gas, and the inner air will be in shape. The shape will move with the air, and the movement will be quick and not messy. If you are in luck, you will not be in shape, you will be too angry, you will be too angry, you will be too angry, you will be quick and messy, and you will be wrong. Slow and do not come loose, it is 4 in movement, velvet glove, like a virgin, like king kong, jing mountain yue, firmly, "is to use energy storage and backwardness, such practice is slow and do not come loose, practice is also slow. If you break the weight, you will not be able to reach your body. You will not be able to reach your body. You will not be able to reach your body. Taijiquan is mainly the whole qi, the soft and soft, the change of infinite truth.
2, do you play taijiquan or don't use qi?
Taijiquan should not be used, light but not floating; It is not stiff to use air. This is true for not using gas. If you don't use gas, light and floating, and stiff and stiff, you're not going to use your gas. What is light but not floating, heavy and not stiff? Whether it's a show of hands, such as cotton wool, light and natural, it's light and not floating. Use gas is not to use stupid gas, dead lift hard cover, use gas to use natural gas with nature, with flexibility, such practice is sunken and not stiff, otherwise all is wrong.
Three, say Chen type taijiquan is big, Yang type is medium frame, wu type is small frame, such statement is wrong?
It is not appropriate to say so. Chen style taijiquan, although it was started by the big frame, but because it is a soft and tender, kaleidoscope, it is suddenly and suddenly small, suddenly and suddenly, flickering, suddenly and suddenly, change infinite. So, Chen style taijiquan, the big frame can also be the middle shelf, the middle shelf can also be the small frame, the taijiquan said to be dead is wrong.
4. To play taijiquan, should we start with the first, or should we start with the soft?
Tai chi according to the rules or by just start, after the success of the practice, nature becomes sofe, but you must be flexible, to differential treatment in education, teaching by physical strength, must not the same. If you teach young people, you have to start, or you have no foundation. If a sick person, physically handicapped people or old people, they can't learn it just a layer of kung fu, it teaches them by slow, practice the body strong, after the second trip to learn tai chi chuan, the patch up a layer of kung fu. Why not ask them to start by the soft hand, but have a slow start, because taijiquan is a precious thing, very hard to practice. The old and the weak, the beginner is slow to start, and from time to time by the soft hand, the soft is the years of hard work, a thousand hard work can be obtained. If a piece of iron is used, it has a coarse quality in it, and after the blacksmith hit a fire with a fire to a thick layer, the result will be the iron essence. Is equal to taijiquan the beginning of the study of pure and soft, practice a layer of fu to get a soft, the kungfu training, can get the harmonious and gentle. So tai chi is the last thing you can do to get the meat out.
Therefore, the person who teaches the weak will start slowly, and then, after the body is strong, he will practice more. Finally, take it outside. Otherwise pure and soft, that is the outer space, not the soft. Some people play taijiquan slowly, practicing decades of kungfu, without the ability to tie the chicken, it is by slow start to have no foundation to eat the loss.