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Is taijiquan beneficial to hypertension?

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:115次
Taijiquan is a kind of athletic form of the Chinese people, which is a precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. The action of taijiquan is gentle, the gongfu can go further, both men and women are appropriate. Especially old people, practice can prevent disease, cure, fitness, prolong life.
(1) long-term taijiquan exercise can improve metabolism, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, blood fat, prevent or delay the hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.
(2) practicing taijiquan for a long time, as the exercises should be adjusted to improve the breathing, so as to make the diaphragm and abdominal muscles more athletic, so that the lung tissue can maintain a certain elasticity, and also strengthen the activity of the thoracic cage. The amount of lung capacity and gas exchange was significantly increased.
(3) keep practicing tai chi can make the whole body muscles and joints a workout, slow strength decline, maintain joint mobility, can also reduce or delay such as bone, ligament of hardening, calcification degenerative change.
(4) practicing tai chi is also good for the nervous system. Due to the continuous practice movement, breathing well, fine, deep and long, requires highly centralized command, brain can exercise the brain nerve cells work ability, make it quick and flexible reflect accurate coordinate and less prone to fatigue. 10. How to use the eyes? The eye is the window that reflects your inner state. The important thing about practicing taijiquan is to practice "inside". The eyes are an important indicator of your essence. So the use of eyes in tai chi is critical. First in practice, the eyes can't be separated, a scattered mess, with an air of air, the spirit is not full. Therefore, when practicing tai chi, the eyes should always be implicit, including and not exposed. But not dull, you is nitrogen, but eyes trance, not smooth, artistically vivid, you hit the punch was not angry, so should contain, and full, called "meek". In the specific method, there is a requirement, namely the eye with the fist (the main hand) go, but not absolutely. The specific requirements for each formula should be carefully understood and combined with the coach's guidance.