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Can Chen taijiquan be practiced for beauty?

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:151次
Practicing Chen's taijiquan can make human skin delicate, complexion ruddy, make the action of hairdressing. There are two main factors of beauty in Chinese medicine. When the blood is empty, the skin will appear dry, lack of soft color, and the blood heat has too much toxin in the body, not excreted, the facial hair rash boils. Qi is blood handsome. "Blood is the mother of qi", "qi line is blood row", qi and blood interact, influence each other, when the gas cent is insufficient, the complexion will be yellow, and when the gas heat is heavy, the person face can be dry raw sores.
Chen taijiquan demonstrated whispered dantian method in breathing (abdomen breathing), a driving a surge and external respiration (lungs) of mutual cooperation, promote human body blood constantly traveled about body, moisten the skin. In the huangdi neijing, "lung main qi, si breath", "lung to 100 veins", "lung main fur, its China in the face", "lung and large intestine". Chen tai chi chuan, both inside and outside of breathing, is in line with the views of huangdi neijing, to strengthen the function of the lung, practice up sweating slightly, make the body of toxins from the eduction in sweat, abdomen breathing, produce the true qi, qi, clarification insides, make self massage of the zang-fu organs, hepatorenal blood circulation, make the toxin in the blood discharge faster, and at the same time also make enhanced intestinal peristalsis, eli fecal discharge toxins, due to the toxin inside body to speed up the excretion and accelerating the circulation of blood, make human body blood is adequate, rosy, skin delicate, health and beauty.