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Enjoy healthy gratitude - guangzhou Chen zhenglei tai chi hall students experien

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:98次
Editor's note: on Nov. 30, Mr. Qin Shared his learning experience and some of the most touching stories from the tai chi family. Mr. Qin was very touching, and the small part was very touched, so he decided to extract some of Mr. Qin's comments and share them with us. This paper is based on the basic reservation of Mr. Qin peng's original words.
Oral: qin peng (director and deputy general manager of guangzhou shanshui bede landscape design co., LTD.)
I was very fond of taijiquan when I was very young. I loved it very much, but I never had the chance to get in touch with the more authentic taijiquan. It was also a coincidence that in a management training class, the teacher in class played a set of taijiquan, which I was very yearning for when I was a child. Then I found our most authentic Chen taijiquan hall, which was at yuexiu pavilion, and then the tianhe museum opened, and I was one of the first members. I don't know if I can act as a representative because I think I've learned a lot (bad)... But even at my level, it's very emotional.
I don't quite agree with many points that practicing Chen's tai chi would be bad for your knees, which I don't agree with. Earlier I like to play basketball, (playing) football, ankle, knee a little injury, will you go to sleep at night in pain can't sleep, but since the Chen taijiquan practice, learned four to six ShouGong, I won't be so sore ankle, knee, instead of the whole body is smooth. I think a lot of people say to practice knee, ankle, is certainly not method, this method, if is in circular arc, actually on the knee and ankle is good, the more deep feelings on my own.
I think we have a duty to do more than boxing. I pay attention to the micro blog and WeChat of our boxing center, and I often see the master Chen zhenglei and Chen bin, who often disseminate the taijiquan around the world. This kind of hard work is very touching to me. I personally experience the benefits of taijiquan, and there are three things that I remember deeply and deeply.
First thing when I first learned four to six ShouGong, and unfortunately, heavy rain, guangzhou water has flooded the knee to thigh at night, when we have a few people are trapped in a boxing pavilion, the result jiera teacher almost 11 PM, with a large box of KFC, come and see us through the water, I think this is a kind of is responsibility for our students and love, I am very touched.
The second thing was that Mr. Zhang, who was teaching to hide his humerus, gave me the softest parts of his body -- his stomach gave me a dozen punches. Should say me how much the size or several catties several two strength, could only ship the strength of that kind of feeling is not so good, the average person dozen punch down certainly can not stand, but teacher zhang let me make a dozen boxing, have no matter, but I was playing the first blow, almost twisted my wrist. When Mr. Zhang asked me to beat him, I kept saying, "don't hurt me. I'm sure I won't hurt you." The practice of teacher zhang (in order to make us understand the action) has given me a complete appreciation of tai chi, which makes me realize that tai chi can have this magical feeling and power.
The third thing is the recent private education of my teacher guo yangyang. In fact, I have always wanted to ask guo yangyang teacher's private education. But you know, people like us, because we're too busy to find excuses for too much time, so I tend to spend the weekend. About lemon teacher teaches about, for the first time on Saturday, later heard that lemon teacher in yuexiu pavilion four lessons on Saturday, then rushed to the tianhe pavilion to give I teach in private, give me the corrective action, bit by bit touch my ankle, and see if it is in circular arc, touch my knees, see is loose or tight muscles, meticulous. I think this is the responsibility of the teacher, and I am very moved.
Thank you very much Chen zhenglei master's boxing hall, can let us these students have such a good boxing environment. The three things that come down to me are the responsibilities that can be passed on to us and to our businesses. If I had the chance, I would also like to spread tai chi together.