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The understanding of the beginner's tai chi

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:91次
Chen xuan, 24 years old, has been studying boxing at Chen ji-lei Chen jiakou culture road for nearly a month. The three gorges university electric power system and its automation major graduate students are reading.
Tai chi, a martial arts project, is also a sport and fitness program that has a long history in China. It is the perfect combination of Chinese dialectical theory thinking and martial arts, art and guidance, which is a high level human culture. Taijiquan has the aim of healing, cultivating, keeping fit and keeping fit, realizing wisdom, stimulating potential, and fighting defense to achieve the goal of maintaining health, improving temperament and improving the quality of life.
Actually started contact with tai chi, like most people, think that tai chi is only suitable for morning exercise in the park when a dozen, oneself follow video to have a look,.would you could learn to. I decided to take a month to study Chen taijiquan in zhengzhou after I was lobbied by my family several times. It was simple to see if I could lose weight. I thought it was easy and easy to learn taijiquan, but when I came to the boxing hall, I changed my mind immediately when I saw the coach's demonstration of the whole way. I was impressed by the focus and ease of the coach, the calm and quiet stretching and shrinking of the limbs. From then on, I felt that it was neither easy nor easy to fix Chen's taijiquan, but it attracted me deeply with the ease of self-congratulation.
Now, I have been studying Chen's tai chi for nearly a month. In this month, due to physical limitations, I can only study twice a day, half an hour each morning. But now I am also from a pure new person that can not, become a master Chen's taijiquan basic skills - a beginner who is practicing the silk. One month is a long time, but it seems like a long time, but it is still not enough. When I first arrived, I decided that I must learn how to play the old one in a month. But, after a period of practice, and children's coach, coach, coach liu coach, guo Yang and meng coach's careful guidance, I gradually learned to learn tai chi chuan cannot be achieved overnight, want to step by step. Although it was only a month, but every coach is concerned about me, every action is not in place carefully they explained and corrected me, let me feel the warmth. Although I still can't play the old frame alone, but I'm confident that has roughly experienced the process that focus seriously, and that kind of easy and open-minded mentality, everything.
Since studying tai chi, I have begun to pay attention to the various manifestations of my daily life. Strive to be harmonious and natural and calm and calm. More happily, after nearly a month of hard work, lost 12 pounds of weight, this harvest is very satisfying to me. It is not only the physical changes, but the study of tai chi also made me realize some of the profound truths of treating people. The improvement of the state of thought leads to a higher starting point and a broader vision. I would like to thank the staff of the boxing hall for their care this month and for the guidance of all the coaches. Although I am going to leave the boxing hall and go back to school, I will insist on practicing basic skills. I hope to return to the boxing hall next time, which can not only resemble, but also achieve the state of god. Looking forward to meeting you next time!