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Pile strength

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:141次
"The most happy and happy thing in the world is to stand on the station, to practice the silk, to play taijiquan! If god can give me a chance to come back, I would like to learn tai chi for three hundred years! "-- the head coach of the guangzhou Chen zhenglei tai chi hall.
I think anyone who has ever really experienced tai chi will understand the sincerity and devotion of coach guo. For hundreds of years, Chen's taiji has made the people's life become rich and clear, pure and easy. Needless to say, tai chi mixed pile is a great benefit.
At the beginning of Chen's taijiquan, I already knew the importance of standing piles. However, only when the real melting into the static, action, breathing, the thoughts are perfectly combined, can realize the essential significance of the station pile, and comprehend its sublimation effect on the life quality of the exercise.
We live in this big world, the world is full of disturbance, everyone wants to find a spiritual pure land, to purify their restless emotions, to soothe their restless soul. However, we are always looking for, it is always difficult to stop the tired step. Until we close our eyes and stand still, our thoughts slowly and slowly, slowly and clearly, our breath slowly and smoothly, slowly and evenly. Like the wind in my mind, the water flowing over my heart. It was peace and quiet...
Bend your knees. Stand upright. Keep your feet on the ground. Calm down. We will stay in the field.
It's like opening the body's code, the flow of energy from blur to clarity. The spirit of heaven and earth will be full of the whole body, and will be full of the whole body. The body itself is filled with turbidity and negative emotions. Through concentration and meditation, the body and mind become unobstructed and loose, and the vitality suddenly awakens. In a moment, it seems to have grasped what is called "peace of mind, the spirit of the spirit, the spirit of the spirit of the spirit."
Laozi's book of morals has a cloud: "to the virtual pole, to be quiet, to be a person, and everything to be done, I will look at it. The great man is the man of the world, and his roots go back to his roots, and he comes back to his life, and he comes back to life.
Let the mind remain empty, quiet, undisturbed by selfish desires, and not the most sensible and true state of life? And is the taichi mix-pile not exactly the way to guide us back to life? Knowing this, we will understand when we stand on the pile, it is not only the center of gravity that will sink, but also the anxious heart that we float on the earth. When one day we stand a pile can actually lower the heart, completely quiet, will be able to appreciate the pure, thorough happiness that guo has been enjoying.