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Learn the wisdom of the workplace from tai chi

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:87次
According to the international online ma, ma announced his retirement in high profile, and then joined li lianjie to open tai chi hall and play taijiquan in person, which was once the news of the eyeball. In explaining why fall in love with tai chi chuan, ma said: "the learning tai chi the discovery, in fact I do business, in both the management of the enterprise internal employee relationship with customers, and competitors, almost entirely in accordance with the purpose of the tai chi."
Taijiquan is not only a kind of ancient boxing, it also has rich ideological connotation, in boxing, boxing is full of Chinese philosophy and Oriental wisdom. Not only can be used in enterprise management, but also is a career survival of the bible. Here are five career wisdom from tai chi
1. Internal and external triad: practice taijiquan outside to guide, internal is the essence. The body becomes a coordinated and orderly whole when it is done inside and outside. The better the match, the higher the level of boxing.
Work intelligence: the team of work is like a person's body, the team works well, the first thing to do is to fit, the idea is consistent, the goal is consistent, internal and external must not be compatible. Employees in different positions are like the shoulder and hip of the body, the elbow and knee, hands and feet, which must be coordinated, which is the "out-fit".
2. Follow the principle: practicing tai chi must follow the principle of boxing, seeking perfection, and not seeking a win or defeat.
In the workplace, when you encounter competition or conflict, you should not be able to be courageous. There is justice and truth in everything, and the principle of compliance may be at a temporary disadvantage, but in the long run it will win. You can't compete in an immoral way. Do not care about the gains and losses of the moment, but to improve your level, you have the confidence to win.
Give yourself away from a person: when an opponent attacks, follow the other's forces, along with the arc and spiral movements (taijiquan is known as "the thread of silk"), and let each other's strength listen to the guidance. The popular saying is: your strength plus my strength through "the tangled silk strength" is used by me, this is taijiquan "give away from person".
In the workplace, there are not so many antagonistic confrontations in the workplace, but more collaboration among colleagues. As an ordinary employee, don't be self-aware, but be able to obey the team's collective will. As a manager, not impose his will on subordinates, not to mention substitute subordinates do, and let every man, as far as possible the power of led by you, will you together into a powerful force, achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort. This is the workplace.
4. Virtual collar strength: the top of the head is required to practice taijiquan by virtual collar, but the neck muscles should not be rigid, and the head movement should be consistent with the transformation of body position and direction.
In the workplace, "the head is upright and the god is in the top". This is the explanation for the "top strength". In the workplace, people should be able to stand on the right side of the situation, and have a principled attitude. The "virtual collar" is meant to be natural, not intentional. In popular words, "no B".
5. The gas and the dantin: the gas and the dantin should be able to achieve internal and strong purpose. Only the inner strength can be stable, the power source is abundant, and the strength is full.
It seems that workplace intelligence is not about the workplace, but it's not. Now impetuous qi is full of work, busy, quick and quick. It is prudent to be calm and calm, to be able to be "in the air" to achieve the "quiet atmosphere of every great event", and not to be confused about anything.