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The five fitness functions of tai chi

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:137次
Wushu association theory research, Chinese academy of sciences professor Cao Yimin said, taijiquan exercise in regulating spirit, enhanced physique, remove disease, restore health effect is remarkable, the practitioner who can challenge heart vascular disease is a threat to the "number one killer of human life.
The world health organization's latest study shows that cardiovascular disease kills 12.5 million people a year, the first of all causes of death and the "no. 1 killer" of human life. The Chinese wushu association theory research at the test, the research thought, insist for a long time to taijiquan exercise, the brain into wakefulness, can eliminate stress, directly affect the changes in the level of hormone in the blood, and control in the normal level, reduce blood fat levels, reduce the deposition of low density lipoprotein in the artery wall, prevent atherosclerosis.
Cao yimin made the academic report entitled "the exploration of the mechanism of taijiquan fitness" at the first world taijiquan health conference held here. Report says, through ecg, blood lipid, circulation, heart, lung, and to the human body metabolism, brain electricity, liquid, intelligence, psychology, main and collateral channels of a large number of scientific tests and studies have shown that tai chi exercise has five fitness function: the state, can make the heart function improved to some extent; 2. Significantly reduced the incidence of hyperlipidemia; 3. Improve the microcirculation of the terminal; 4. Enhance the cardiopulmonary function, promote energy metabolism, balance the meridians; 5. Improve the emotional, sleep, personality, memory and action stability of the elderly.
The paper also pointed out that the improvement of heart function was 86 times 6% after 30 minutes of taijiquan. The unknown finger temperature rises by an average of seven degrees Celsius, four degrees above average. Long-term practice of taijiquan, the wakeful wave in brain waves is dominant, the brain function is in good state of wakefulness, and there is obvious anti-aging effect.
Cao yimin has studied taijiquan for many years and has conducted a series of scientific tests with his colleagues on tai chi practitioners. He has made contributions to solve the mysteries of tai chi fitness and anti-aging.