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The old spring constitution raises four unprincipled

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:105次
The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, spring began fu Yang in later generations, such as can use spring, borrow rising sun be the spirit and flourish of machine, the metabolism of human body science of health preservation methods, prevention of year-round fitness is very good. The experts thus summarized the principle of "four no" in spring health.
Don't "acid"
Diet should be "province acid increase gump" spring, because spring essence of liver Yang, if acidic foods, easy cause of diseases is too strong, and liver easy to damage the spleen and stomach, so, avoid is "acid" spring diet.
Acidic food has mutton, dog, quail, Fried peanut, stir-fried melon seeds, sea fish, shrimp, crab and so on. It is advisable to eat more yam, bamboo shoots, spinach, dates, leeks and so on. Also can be used mountain medicine and coix seed each 30 g, millet 75g, lotus seed 25 g, jujube 10 common boil become congee, add a few white sugar when the staple food is long eat.
Not "angry"
Spring is the time when the liver is overactive, the mood is irritable, should be open-minded, the body and mind harmonious.
Feel better help raise liver, because depression can lead to diseases with stasis, influence the pathogenesis of liver function, also make the dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system, immune system, easy to cause mental disease, liver disease, disease of heart head blood-vessel, etc.
Don't "jump"
Relative shortage, the old man was sun be the spirit and Yang spring is a good time, such as lust move and the frequency of sexual intercourse, can take gas injury, further damage the sun be the spirit, so the elderly should be appropriate abstinence in the spring.
Not "static"
In the spring, the natural Yang qi begins to rise, the human body should use this natural characteristic, the key to raise Yang, the key to raise Yang is "move", avoid "jing".
Old people should be active outside exercise, the negative oxygen ion in spring air is more, can strengthen cerebral cortex to make efficiency and cardiopulmonary function, prevent arteriosclerosis. But old people spring practice not too early, prevent because of the low temperature in the morning, heavy fog to catch cold or asthma, chronic bronchitis, should go out to exercise after sunrise. In addition, the spring practice cannot be empty, the old people in the morning blood relatively slow, hypothermia, should drink some hot soup before exercise. At the same time, the exercise should be soothing, the old people will relax after the morning, the joint ligament is rigid, before exercising, should gently move the body joint, prevent the sudden exercise to induce the accident.