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Tai chi chuan with spring diet and health

Time:2017-12-31Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:220次
Spring is windy, warm and cold, day and night temperature difference big, so the spring health maintenance must master these characteristics, comply with the spring order to relax the air. Pay attention to the climate changeful, from the food, the living area adjustment.
A, nursing spirit: sunny spring, beautiful, spirit and cultivate article should be support of open-minded, optimism, yu nu to raises a gender, holiday to go for an outing asked liu, swim mountain water, temperament, can make blood factors, high spirit.
2, protect the wind and protect the cold: spring should go to bed early to wake up early, to outdoor multi-activity, stretch the form, make one day more vigorous. In spring, special attention should be paid to the prevention of wind and cold. According to the characteristics of the first warm day of the first spring, the clothes are not to be cut off, to remove the winter clothes prematurely, which can easily injure the lungs and cause respiratory problems. According to the principle of "spring cover autumn cold", it is necessary to add and reduce clothes with the change of temperature to adapt to the changing rules of spring climate.
Three, adjust the diet: spring metabolism, diet should be sweet, warm, rich in nutrition, feed on the spleen fu Yang principle, avoid too much acidity, appropriate is delicate, avoid is fat cold, especially not into more big sheen of hot products, such as ginseng, chopped, monkshood, spirits, etc., in order to avoid the hot fire. Spring should eat more protein and minerals, vitamins (especially B vitamins) rich foods; Especially all kinds of green and yellow vegetables, such as lean meat, soy, eggs, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, celery, spinach, leeks, etc., in addition, also cannot too greedy cold drinks and other food should be paid attention to, so as not to hurt a stomach damage of Yang.
Exercise: a year's plan is in spring, and spring is the best season for physical investment. Spring air is fresh, and the environment is most conducive to vomiting and feeding. Spring more exercise, and enhances immune force and resistance, less a year a variety of diseases such as flu, and the thought is agile, easily fatigue, people can choose according to physical conditions of their own age and outdoor activities, such as tai chi, jogging, fly a kite, to walk for a spring outing, etc.
Prevention of spring: spring and beauty, but many people feel sleepy. Tired and sleepy, the morning is not awake, this phenomenon is the "spring sleepy" of the season. Feel sleepy in spring are not need more sleep, but for circulating seasonal differences, climate, warm in spring, the skin vasodilatation, circulatory system enhancements, skin peripheral blood supply, sweat secretion increase, the load of each organ, relative reduce the supply of blood to the brain, brain oxygen will feel inadequate, and therefore may feel sleepy. So how to reduce and prevent spring fever? Make sure that you sleep, get up early and get up early to get over the negative and lazy thoughts. 2. Take an active part in exercise and outdoor activities to improve blood circulation. Three should increase nutrition appropriately. It is proved that the lack of B vitamins and overeating is the important cause of spring sleepiness, so it is advisable to eat more vitamin B rich foods and not have a large meal. The fourth should keep indoor air circulate, reduce smoking, if not too cold, appropriate reduce clothes, or wash a face with cold water, all can make sleepy intention to eliminate as soon as possible.
6. Health prevention: spring is warm and windy, most suitable for bacteria. Viruses and other microorganisms can spread, such as influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, cerebellum, scarlet fever, mumps, and viral myocarditis. Therefore, it is necessary to speak of hygiene, to wash clothes, to remove pests, to open Windows, to improve the defense ability, to avoid public places and to avoid infection when infectious diseases are prevalent. Spring is excessive climate season, do not take care, or overeating symplectic hot help product of fire, be in season of evil cause, some of the same old trouble that is easy to relapse, such as migraine headaches, chronic pharyngitis, allergic asthma, hypertension, myocardial infarction, psychosis, etc., should pay special attention to cultivate prevention aspects from food and clothing live line