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Looking back, Chen zhenglei's taiji system was successfully completed in June, 2

Time:2017-06-25Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:765次
It's raining again, cool and cool, the sun no longer, Chen zhenglei's taiji system in June 2017 coach training class on June 22. Suddenly look back, time casual moments across, into the upcoming June, our tai chi families will also respectively, a ride mountain, water a ride, so we wait for the story from afar, hello, tai chi in future!

During the half month of study, every student is very appreciative of the training opportunity of the coach, studied hard, and successfully passed the conclusion of this study. I also hope that you will pass this spirit to the majority of boxing friends in the future teaching process, spreading our tai chi culture to every corner, to bring happiness and health to everyone!

The training manager is Liu Jihong teacher, assistant coach is edwinmcconkey and DouYong teacher, training content is: the old frame, system learning the new frame, taiji tuishou (five kinds of methods). It contains detailed and in-depth explanation of the way of boxing, and also includes the teaching of boxing. In view of the quality of the coaches, the code of coaches and the requirements of the coaches, the teachers have in-depth analysis and interpretation, so that every student can understand clearly. During this period, teacher Chen bin of tai chi also visited the training base of the coach, and told the students about the theoretical knowledge of taijiquan, and the students listened with great interest and continuous applause!

The students, in turn, displayed the results of fifteen days of study. Finally Liu Jihong teacher made a summary statement, for everyone these days of learning, certainly also hope everyone remember the learned knowledge and practicing, to bring back later, seriously to teach boxing, let more taijiquan lovers little detours, correct learning boxing.

In the training, the teacher and the students through the artificial sweat, passion float in the sky and the truth, the students saw each other boxing skill enhancement, increase the affection and friendship between the teachers and students, students, and their heart the joy and the joy of harvest! Taijiquan lovers also participated in the taijiquan origin of Chen jiogou to understand the time of the 400 years of tai chi real source!

After the completion of the training of the coaches, the "Chen zhenglei tai chi teacher accreditation examination" was also held. Chen Zhenglei tai chi system has always adhere to the concept of "authentic is source", aspire to offer the most authentic Chen taijiquan to society and the vast majority of boxing, tai chi so Chen Zhenglei system always adhere to the strictest coaches inspection standard, the certification of the coaches in the world nearly everyone recognized that Chen Zhenglei taiji culture brand is famous in the world!

The assessment was conducted by Mr. Liu jihong, who served as the judge, Mr. Kang kai, professor dou yong and others. The high quality evaluation team embodies the high standard of Chen zhenglei's tai chi coaches system and the importance of the assessment of coaches. Also wish all reference coaches to pass the exam smoothly!

Is ray - global leadership of tai chi chuan tai chi college, henan headquarters coaches training, incubators, and the standardization of the most authoritative, systematic teaching modes, enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad more than 50 countries!!!!!