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Spark, light dreams and the light of "taiji" Toronto in 2017 summer tr

Time:2017-07-15Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:208次
The light of "taiji" Toronto in 2017 summer training camp!
From Canada, the United States more than one hundred taijiquan fans gathered in the center of the greater Toronto Chinese culture, accept Chen tai chi chuan the eleventh generation descendants with office, Chinese martial arts, Chinese martial arts expert committee of experts Chen Zhenglei nine master and senior coaches team a four-day training system.This year's summer camp has many follow Chen Zhenglei guru disciple for many years, there is also a beginner Chen tai chi chuan, more delighted to see a few live wave lovely children.Traditional tai chi chuan, the growing popularity happinesses!
After the day's training, both in the disciple and the couple, are sweating like a pig, a few people too tired to use dozed at noon time to rest also, only children like to burn, push-ups, chasing the city to play, good happy.
▼ tai chi a

▼ Chen Zhenglei guru led summer camp students

▼ children playing boxing to good carefully ah, wow!

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Jack yan ▼ coaches

▼ Guo Zhongyu the coaches