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2017 The Fourth Annual Symposium of Chen Zhenglei Taichi

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The Annual Symposium of Chen Zhenglei Taichi promotes the principles of Chen Zhenglei Taichi Lineage, which are expressed in sixty keywords. Each keyword denotes an important aspect of what Chinese martial arts promote. The fourth keyword Xuan (宣). The word Xuan carries the meaning of widespread (布 Bu), open (明 Ming), inclusive (遍 Bian) and universal (通 Tong). Xuan is the main theme of the Fourth Annual Symposium. “We carry on the moral character and values of our ancestors. We promote the glory of Taichi! We pass on the art of Taichi we inherited. We strive to benefit the health of mankind!”
The event is composed of two main parts – the “Taichi Summit” and the International Advanced Chen’s Taichi Workshop. This grand festival represent the highest Taichi standard. Grand Master Chen Zhenglei will lead his team of more than thirty outstanding star coaches to share their technical and theoretical Taichi experience with thousands of Taichi friends from all over the world.

Time:Oct. 1, 2017 – Oct. 7, 2017
Location:Lu mountain (Ping Dingshan city),Henan Province, China



Detailed description:
[Opening ceremony]
The grand opening ceremony once a year!"Chinese Tai Chi dream·Chen Zhenglei’s One Thousand Public Taichi Seminars in One Hundred Cities". The seminar will cover Taichi techniques and culture values. He will talk about the importance of promoting Taichi to make a positive contribution to people’s health and happiness.
[Taichi Summit]
Chinese renowned scholars, experts and Taichi Masters will gathered to discuss the development and trend in commercialization of the Chinese health and cultural sectors!
[The Charm of Taichi Showcase]
Taichi Exhibition is performed by star coaches in the Chen Zhenglei Taichi system.
[Other Events]
“Traditional Etiquette Show”,“Taichi Health Seminar”,“Chinese Wushu Duanwei Evaluation(1—6 duan)” and“Chen Zhenglei Taichi System Instructor Qualification Test”.
The 19th international Chen’s Taichi advanced training course
Star-Coach Team:
Chief Advisor: Chen Zhenglei
Advisors: Chen Zhenglei outstanding in-chamber disciples 
Coaches: Chen Zhenglei Taiji system star coaches
Class schedule:
1.Disciple class(Advisors:Chen Zhenglei)
2.Old frame one advanced class(Advisors:Chen Bin)
(For the old frame one foundation )
3.Old frame one primary class(Advisors:Chen Yuanyuan)
4.Old frame two advanced class(Advisors:Liu Jihong)
(For the old frame one foundation )
5.New frame one advanced class(Advisors:Zhang Xiqun)
6.New frame two advanced class(Advisors:Zhang Shuyong)
(For the new frame one foundation )
7.Push hands class(Advisors:Fu Nengbin)
(For the old frame one foundation )
8.Push hands advanced class(Advisors:Wang Haijun)
(For push hands foundation )
9.Taichi sword class(Advisors:Chen Juan)
(For the old frame one foundation )
10.Tai Chi Double blade sword class(Advisors:Zheng Dongxia)
(For the Taichi sword foundation )
11.Children's Tai Chi coach training course(Advisors:Wang Xiaopo)

1. Fee: 
A. Disciple class (Coached by Master Chen Zhenglei) 
   Tuition: $700 
   Early Bird Discounted Fee: $600 (only valid for registration before 15th August)
   Note: Deadline is 15th September, 2017. 
B. Non-disciple class
    Tuition fee: $800
    Early Bird Discounted Fee: $700 (only valid for registration before 15th August)
   Disciple’s disciple discount: $700 (only valid for registration before 15th August)
    Note: Deadline is 15th September, 2017.
2. Fee includes:
l Ticket for the Ancestral Temple 
l Eligible to join class and all activities
l Group photo, special vehicle and translation service
l A set of Taichi suit
l Accommodation (four-star hotel): 
       $100 per person per day(single room);
       $80 per person per day(shared double room)
3. Fee does not include:
l Food
l Traffic and other expense
l Duanwei exam, instructor qualification test
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     ②帐号:6217 9080 0000 9054 484
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