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Tai chi Eva big benefits, tai chi Chen Zhenglei down the third younger sister ta

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And for the child grow the summer vacation?
"Tai chi Chen Zhenglei children's summer camp", as the summer vacation, not the same wonderful, let the child experience a whole new way of life!
Chen Zhenglei tai chi children summer camp, let the children learn by ten days of life, to learn tai chi, enlightenment classics, talent, wisdom, and let the children holiday do loosen body and mind, broaden their own play, autonomous learning, let the child active, healthy, grow up!
Midsummer in July, hometown of roots, the rural tai chi.
With the children back to the origin of tai chi,
Let the kids feet on loess,
The blue sky overhead, return to nature,
Experience the farming pastoral life,
In the hometown of tai chi kungfu XiWen!
Children's tai chi summer camp
Recommend index: u u u u u
Appropriate crowd: would you like to more independent and brave, overall growth of the national children's 6-14.
Venue: county yongji
Training goal
Cultivate their independence and autonomy: u u u u u
Expand children's knowledge, enhanced physique, train the child's capacity for independent living, help children to develop optimistic self-confidence, have the courage to explore, creative thinking character.
Enhance children's self-confidence: u u u u u
Make new friends;Meet with different people;Try to do dare not do before.
For basic education effectively supplement: u u u u u
Exercise outdoors, nature, culture and logical thinking and learning interest, increase knowledge.
Improve children's team cooperation ability: u u u u u
Summer camp team type collective activity, can let the children improve the ability of teamwork and cooperation consciousness, at the same time help the team to grow in experience infinite happiness.
To improve children's ability to manage: u u u u u
Through the summer camp, can let the children take turns to do small monitor, manage and organize some things, give the child a chance to independently, cultivate their management consciousness and habits, self-motivation, achieve their goals.
Improve the children's safety: u u u u u
Give the child a chance to learn and teach children more skills and safety consciousness of self protection.Chen Zhenglei tai chi children's summer camp will be through a series of safety education lecture hall and simulation demonstration to tell you how to protect themselves.
Activity characteristics
Science: everyone has a scientific independent training guidance plan, truly "according to their aptitude".
2. Multiple: contains the training, the development of tourism, and secondary stage, etc.
3. Safety: professional care, psychological counseling follow-up.
4. System: from Chen Zhenglei tai chi for many years experience in education, experiential learning, career training.
5. Remote: parents (guardian) on Chen Zhenglei tai chi website and WeChat public platform can see campers activity photos.
6. Rest assured: campers lead every day the teacher will report on the day of the campers activities by way of telephone or SMS.
As the pioneer of Chinese children's martial arts education, we have strong teachers!This little Chen Zhenglei master of tai chi summer camps for the first time the three children - Chen, jiera, Chen Yuanyuan led together, then chenjiagou taijiquan (Chen Zhenglei) pavilion's coach team will follow through teaching, more Chinese people visit to give lectures, reading parsing classical Chinese study, let the children inside and outside and repair, the heart is strong, happy to spend a full and meaningful summer vacation.
Learn the benefits of tai chi
Enhanced physique, promote development, improve immunity
Improve the attention and perception
Edify sentiment, stable temperament
Release the pressure from study, stimulate interest in learning
The cultivation of traditional culture, hands-on learning practice
Active significance
Taijiquan is a state-level non-material cultural heritage, is the art of self-defense, strengthen body and mind in the integration of traditional boxing.Children practicing taijiquan, to the psychological development, the physical and mental health has a very important role, at the same time, to learn tai chi chuan can make the children's understanding of Chinese traditional culture essence, opens the door of wisdom, the internal and external and repairing.
Tai chi through the summer camp, let the children achieve edify sentiment, balanced state of mind, always want to make sense, let nature take its course, actively adapt to the environment, grasp their own emotions, do good control of their mood, unrealistic thoughts.

The summer camp
Into the tai chi
Into the tai chi chenjiagou holy land, through a tour of tai chi chuan Chen ancestral shrine, Chinese tai chi museum, etc., to learn more knowledge of taijiquan!Tai chi and other martial arts, compared with four two dial one thousand jins, clever changes in intangible, experience of tai chi chuan "between activity of philosophy, the turn of the firm soft knowledge".
Into the classics
Read classic in nature, aeriform in wisdom will infiltrate into the child's heart of hearts, in the process of growth in the future, will become their life's wisdom navigation.To search and cognition of the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture, special education for good, Ming li han, cultivate one's morality raises a gender.Learn filial conduct, with parents;Xueyou line to honour a motto;Learn anterograde to teachers;With the modern civilized society to adapt to the new culture of filial piety.
Into the rural
China's farming culture cultivation technology, scientific invention contains many characteristics.Unearthed a lot about Chinese culture remains from the agricultural means of production, the developed provides evidences for the early farming culture, especially about the refined Shi Mopan rods, become the food of earlier found in machining tools.Children into the rural farming practice experience, to further strengthen propagating Chinese culture has a good education.

Introduction of a mentor
Chen, Chen 20, the taijiquan, the twelfth generation descendants with office.
Seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, national first-level boxer.A guest of the henan province martial arts association, henan province, vice President of tai chi chuan association deputy secretary-general, sports economic and legal research center, tsinghua university invited researcher, jiaozuo martial arts association, vice chairman, Chen tai chi chuan, deputy chairman of the federation of Hong Kong, China chenjiagou taijiquan curator.
Introduction of a mentor
Jiera, Chen 20, the taijiquan, the twelfth generation descendants with office.
Youth martial artist, seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, national first-level wushu referee, licensed sports agent;The current henan province tai chi chuan association deputy secretary-general, Chen tai chi chuan, deputy chairman of the federation of Hong Kong, guangzhou Chen Zhenglei tai chi, curator of the hall.
Introduction of a mentor
Chen Yuanyuan, Chen 20, the taijiquan, the twelfth generation descendants with office.
State-level non-material cultural heritage projects, Chen taijiquan inheritance, seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, national first-level warrior.Current chenjiagou taijiquan pavilion, chief curator, chenjiagou taijiquan is the curator of the museum, Beijing, ray tai chi founder of the academy.
The organizer:
Tai chi chuan association of henan province
Henan Chen Zhenglei taiji culture co., LTD
Joint unit:
Chenjiagou taijiquan pavilion, pavilion
Chenjiagou taijiquan library · zheng six street branch
Chenjiagou taijiquan library, guangzhou branch
Tai chi college, henan institute is thunder
(in the co-organizer recruit...).
General teaching mentor: Chen Zhenglei guru
Mentor team: Chen, jiera, Chen Yuanyuan
Assistant manager: liu Yang, edwinmcconkey, Zhang Dong winter, Sue Monroe, zhang qiang
Training time: on July 22, 2017 - July 31
Check-in time: on July 21, 2017
Check-in place: zhengzhou city culture road no. 112, chenjiagou taijiquan pavilion
Training location: county yongji
Learning content:
(1) zero base class: Chinese classics, Chen taijiquan six four like work, single hand
Charge standard: RMB 2980 (including training, accommodation, transportation, books, clothing)
(2) improve class: classical Chinese study earnestly, the old frame, learning old frame 2
Charge standard: RMB 2980 (including training, accommodation, transportation, books, clothing)
(3) improve the class 2: classical Chinese study earnestly, the old frame, learning tai chi singlestick, taiji tuishou (five push technique)
Charge standard: RMB 2980 (including training, accommodation, transportation, books, clothing)
Enrolment: 30 per shift
Terms of payment:
Remittances account: 5264 1024 3098 2748
Household name: Chen Yuanyuan
0371-63219626 JXC昆坤