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On December 14, 2016, local time, the beautiful, the picturesque city of irvine, in Los Angeles Shady Cayon golf club, Chen Zhenglei guru with local "micro irvine staff of new media communication and accept the visit.Chen Zhenglei guru is the trip to Los Angeles last week at the United Nations headquarters after tai chi "cyclone" series activities appeared for the first time.Chen Zhenglei chenjiagou Chen, the 19th world taijiquan, the eleventh generation descendants with office, China's national intangible cultural heritage projects, Chen tai chi representative inheritance person!
Chen Zhenglei master his busy schedule to stop here, because he will launch a tai chi extravaganza here: the Chen taijiquan association for the advancement of the establishment.American council for the promotion of Chen tai chi chuan is a committee of by all the volunteers and staff of 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, the mission is to pass under the guidance of Chen Zhenglei master study and promotion of Chen taijiquan, promote health of body and mind and tai chi culture communication.At the same time, the operation of the business model to fit the development of the United States, the tai chi really carry forward!
Will be unveiled on December 31 of the American council for the promotion of Chen tai chi chuan, is destined to become Chen taijiquan internationalization operation of milestone, at the same time the founding conference is Chen Zhenglei guru cities thousands of tai chi chuan commonweal lecture hall and disciple display an important station.
Caption: second from right, honorary President of the American council for the promotion of Chen taijiquan professor Lin hsin
The common micro irvine, interview, honorary President of Chen taijiquan and the United States: the famous professor at the university of California, irvine, Dr Lin hsin and long-range guided Mr. Chen taijiquan secretary of the United States.
Tai chi chuan, is the ancient Chinese cultural treasure.She's a recruit a type and the way of the Chinese nation's perception of the universe is the same.She not only contained the tolerance and the wisdom of Oriental culture, condenses the Chinese character and feelings.The national institutes of health (NIH) studies have shown that: "taijiquan is to act on human's whole, improve the balance and interaction between the human body each system, to protect and improve the health of many fields, especially for the elderly a beneficial intervention".Harvard University professor think China of tai chi chuan completely conforms to the 21st century is the most popular three sports: leisure sports, aerobic exercise and lifelong sports.Tai chi as the best exercise prescription and the medicine in vivo.And put forward the taijiquan is a kind of perfect fitness!
Caption: a donor, orange county art center right entrepreneurs philanthropist: Charlie zhang
According to guide the secretary-general cheng, this is the Oriental culture to further lead the international trend of health, Chen taijiquan aojiang step another milestone of the world.The international association for the advancement of Chen taijiquan will be adhering to the tai chi master Chen Zhenglei heritage tai chi 60 years of achievements, to create the concept of "tai chi health", the promotion of taijiquan and taiji culture in the United States, let people return to nature in the unity of nature and tai chi.In 2016, from the date of the end of the Chen taijiquan association for the advancement of the staff will take the spirit of tai chi, looking forward to celebrate the New Year 2017!
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