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"Guru" -- Chen Zhenglei guru in New York, tai chi wing to meet...

Time:2016-12-05Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:671次

New York, located in the southeastern Atlantic coast, New York, is the first big city and a dagang;New York is the most populous city in the United States, is also a more diversified urban ethnic groups, and with immigrants from 97 countries and regions, in the use of language to reach more than 800;Columbia University in New York, New York university and the Rockefeller university and other famous universities;Manhattan's Chinatown is the most intensive Chinese centrally in the western hemisphere!

The us local time on December 2, Chen Zhenglei master arrived in New York City, to participate in by the confederation of north American group of alumni association, Shanghai university of finance and economics, New York, Beijing foreign studies university alumni association of North America and pole star international tai chi cultural exchange activities organized by the joint!

3, 4, Chen in the 19th, the tai chi chuan, the eleventh generation descendants office of Chen Zhenglei guru in North America group of cib headquarters held dream manor and Manhattan yobo art galleries, for lectures and guidance in the New York area of tai chi enthusiasts, world journal gives special report!