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The 7th Chenjiagou Taichi Kungfu Elite Tournament Rules

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30 ,九月至3 ,十月,2016
1.       传统活动
2.       必修项目
3.       陪练事件
       ,包括裸手,裸手用仪器,仪器和仪器,将分别打分; 奖励方式和百分比是指个人事件。
4。      团体活动
5.       示范活动
6.       推手事件
  65公斤(60公斤-65公斤) )
3.每个队可能只注册一个陪练事件; 两名运动员的性别和年龄没有限制。
4.每个小组只能注册一个小组赛事; 参赛者必须超过8人,性别或年龄没有限制。
5.每个小组只能登记一个示范事件; 参赛者必须超过2人,性别或年龄没有限制。
。7 .运动员年龄类别:
组别A <12 
12-17 C组18 -39
E组> 60
  1. 运动员可以作为个人或团体参加比赛。
  2. 该赛事适应“传统武术竞赛规则”(中华武术协会2012年出版)
  3. 42-form and Chen’s, Yang’s, Wu’s, Sun’s, Wu’s Taichi, 42-form Taichi Sword, all adapt《Taichi Competition Routines》,《42-form Taichi Competition Routine》, 《Wu’s Taichi Competition Routines》1996, 《Taichi Sword Competition Routine》1991, respectively .
  4. Pushing hands events adapt traditional Taichi pushing hands rules.
  5. Competition time:
5.1                    Demonstration events and traditional Taichi quan must be completed in 3 to 4 minutes; there will be a whistle as reminder when time reaches 3 minutes.
5.2                    Traditional Taichi sword and 42-form Taichi sword must be completed in 3 to 4 minutes; there will be a whistle as reminder when time reaches 3 minutes. Taichi broadsword (Dan Dao) must be completed in more than 1 minute; there will be a whistle as reminder when time reaches 1 minute. Other Taichi instruments must be completed in 2 to 3 minute; there will be a whistle as reminder when time reaches 2 minute.
5.3                    Compulsory events and sparring events have to exercise in accordance with the formulated order. There will not be any deducted in score when referee blows a whistle even though the routine is not yet finished.
5.4                    Group events are expected to have aesthetic value with main theme and creativity; the events must be completed in 3 to 4 minutes; the group members must be more than 8, male or female; 0.5 point per person will be deducted when the number of athletes less than 8.
  1. The athletes' clothes have no specific requirements, but expected to reveal the national characteristics, events characteristics, sports characteristics and the characteristics of the contemporary age.
[Ranking and awarding]
1.      Individual Events: each category will be curved as 20% first prize, 30% second prize, and 30% third prize accordingly, with certificates and medals. Other participates will receive certificates.
2.      Sparring events: the same as individual events.
3.      Group events: quan and instruments (quan and instrument mixed is included in instrument) , will be curved as 20% first prize, 40% second prize, and 40% third prize, with certificates.
4.      Demonstration events: two classes (quan and instruments) will be curved individually, 20% first prize, 40% second prize, and 40% third prize, with certificates. There is no limit in the gender or age.
5.      If there is a category has less than 6 participates, then it won’t be curved by percentage, but ranking by score only.
6.      The top 8 teams will be awarded by grade ranking. The grade is accumulated by following rules: if an athlete in the team ranks first/ second/ third place in one category, then he/she will be awarded 5/ 3/1 points respectively; the higher the score, the higher is the ranking.
7.      Prize-money award:Each category’s first, second, and the third prize winners will be awarded prize-money, certificates and medals on the premise that the number of participates in the category is more than 20.
Push hand events: male and female categories will award the top 8, respectively; the top 3 winners in each category will be awarded prize-money on the premise that each category has more than 10 participates. If the participates are less than 10, then the top 3 winners will be awarded first, second, and third prize medal with certificates; athletes ranking from 4 to 8 will be granted certificates.
Team award:Top 3 winners will be awarded prize-money.
Note:The largest prize-money is RMB 10000. For more details, please pay attention to the website and WeChat platform update。
  Wechat: Zhenglei Taichi
8.      "Taichi Quan Elite" award
8.1   The first place of each category (with attendants more than 20) is qualified to compete for the “Taichi Quan Elite” award. Quan group and instruments group with sub group of male and female will produce four winners, who will be granted the title of “2016 China • Chenjiagou Taichi Kungfu Elite Tournament • Tai Chi Elite Award" with certificate and prize-money.
8.2   If an athlete wins the first prize in two categories, then he has to decide which category he wants to compete for "Taichi Quan Elite" award. If he chooses one, then the category he let go will have the second prize winner to compete for "Taichi Quan Elite" award. 
9.      “Wushu Morality Award" and "Outstanding Organization Award" mainly set up on the basis of civilized manners, the number of entries, the number of events, grade ranking etc.
[Registration and fees:]
1. Sign up:
     1.1 Registration Address: 7 floor, #112 Wen Hua Jia Yuan, Wen Hua Road, Zhengzhou,Henan Province
      Post Code: 450014
  1.2 Registration webpage at: http: //
  1.3 Application deadline: August 31, 2016
     Contact: Mrs. Wang
      Tel: 0371-63219626 / 63219625
      Mobile Phone: 13653827553
  1.4 Each team please has the copies of your athletes’ photos and ID mail to organization committee before deadline. Address: 7 floor, #112 Wen Hua Jia Yuan, Wen Hua Road, Zhengzhou, Henan Province
2. Registration                                                                                                            
     2.1 The referees will register in 29th September and athletes will register in 30th September.
2.2 Location: Wenxian County, Henan
3. Fee``
     3.1 Each participating athletes need to pay the fee of $100 (including two) , if the increase item fees charged $100 for each change.
3.2 Remittance Account: 6,216,608,000,004,156,297
Account Name: Yuanyuan Chen
Bank: Bank of China, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Road Branch
3.3 Transportation, accommodation, food, medicine is at one’s own expense.
[Arbitration Committee and referees]
1. The constitution and responsibility of the arbitration committee follows 《Rules of the Arbitration Commission 》, members of the committee will be selected by organization committee.