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State of Washington, "6.1 tai chi master Chen Zhenglei day" celebratio

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“太极的里程碑” - 有一天在华盛顿州历史上,“6.1”太极拳大师陈正雷日庆典!

Time on June 1, 2016 in the United States, is doomed to be the history of 1, 6.1 "tenet, Washington, usTai chiMaster Chen Zhenglei day "and" light summer camp of chi "in Seattle festival was held in the United States, the university of Washington in Seattle. Xinhua daily, the Confucius institute and Chinese martial arts tai chi institute participated in the reports and performance of the day.

This activity obtained the support of people from all walks of life in the United States, in San Francisco consul general of the People's Republic of China, Mr Luo linquan told the U.S. senate senator Patty Murray, Washington and British governor, vice governor, Washington irving, hasegawa Washington state senate lawmakers, king county constance Theresa riggi long, Murray mayor in Seattle, Washington 37 senate legislation constituencies sirloin mountain) shi when he came in from or to the event.

The governor of Washington irving

Chen Zhenglei guru's excellent speech

Mr Guru Chen Zhenglei speech summary:
Tai chi intelligence in China henan jiaozuo county chenjiagou, to really understand taijiquan, must go to a local test, to understand his historical background, geographical location and cultural landscape.Understanding tai chi cultural relations with tai chi, tai chi and evolution, the development of tai chi on human health.Only in this way can better promote the spread of the campaign, more than 20 years, and I in the United States popularization of national culture, family, send health for people, recognised by Seattle, local government, also give a honor, this is both honor and responsibility.It is the responsibility, we believe that under the joint efforts of tai chi culture family, can give a powerful answer to the people of the world, makes more contribution for human health.

Chen Zhenglei guru's live performance

Event live
Packed auditorium at the university of Washington

The disciples performances


Owen's governor to Chen Zhenglei guru honorary certificate

 Mr Guru Chen Zhenglei won the award and delivered a speech: guests to thank my dear friends, thanks to chenjiagou generations past, thanks to my two uncles, thank my family and disciple, more want to thank my country and my hobby of tai chi chuan all people!I loved this city in Seattle, like the environment here is more like the people here, I have the honor to have this honor, not because I personally do, because China's tai chi chuan real brings you a healthy and harmonious, let "perfect" taijiquan exercise to benefit the peoples of China and the United States, and for the people of China and the United States set up a bridge of friendship and cultural exchange communication, thank you!

For Mr Chang Chen and Chen Zhenglei guru took a group photo