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- the light of tai chi 】 【 grade evaluation into the Seattle, you now

Time:2016-06-01Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:240次

The local time on May 31, Chen ZhengleiTai chiSystem - the light of "tai chi" in Seattle during the summer camp, the descendants of Chen style tai chi chuan generation office 11 cases, national martial arts expert committee of experts, the Chinese wushu, nine Chen Zhenglei master personally led, invited Chinese martial arts, national martial arts expert committee of experts Chen Shunan nine master, Chen Zhenglei tai chi along with overseas appraisal system, Dan of Chinese wushu.At this point, Chen Zhenglei ushered in the first overseas martial arts tai chi system grade appraisal practise martial arts, martial arts enthusiasts for the overseas to open the door to get Dan of Chinese wushu.

Chen Zhenglei master, martial arts grade evaluation is for practitioners of martial arts technology, wushu, such as comprehensive evaluation, which is divided into early, middle and high grade three.At the beginning of paragraph, including 1-3 section, give priority to in order to test technology;Section for 4 to 6 grade, divided into theoretical and technical evaluation;7-9 segments for high grade, mainly including theory, wushu, contribution and so on, comprehensive assessment, by the Chinese wushu association is responsible for the assessment, which as the highest grade nine.

从丹进入高年级,对于武术练习者来说是一种荣誉 - 这是对他长期武术实践者的肯定,同时也增加了更多的推动武术传承的责任。陈正雷高手认为,武术的全部传承在等级认定的条件下,适用于传播更大的热情,武术的推广。