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The light of tai chi - follow Chen Zhenglei master, open the Seattle

Time:2016-05-30Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:299次

By the summer campChen tai chi chuanThe eleventh generation descendants with office, China's top the great wushu masters ", Chinese martial arts, nine national martial arts expert committee of experts, state-level non-material cultural heritage inheritance people · Chen Zhenglei master as a coach, Chen Zhenglei masters house disciple hai-jun wang and jack yan two teachers as a coach, the new frame class by rumbledChenThe teacher as a coach, the old frame class Chen Zhenglei master disciple Hayden, a jiao hong, wang ning, the assistant coach Byron, Viola.

In addition, the light of the "tai chi" summer camp add paragraph a training and assessment, caused the overseas taijiquan lovers strong interest, have said: the training and assessment of the grade, not only for taijiquan practitioner level of inspection, but also convenient for overseas taijiquan practitioner is to get the corresponding paragraph, sincerely thank Chen Zhenglei tai chi system efforts and contribution!

The light of "taiji" prior to the start of the summer camp, Mr Guru Chen Zhenglei says: thank you for your join the summer camp!Seattle is a beautiful city, I enjoy the environment and people.Here is a hotbed of tai chi chuan, is a great pleasure I personally recognised by the Washington state government and the people, the June 1 as the 'tai chi master Chen Zhenglei day;In order to thank the local people and government approval, specialized in Seattle this year's summer camp activities.

Held the activity of the world association for Chen Zhenglei tai chi chuan tai chi, tai chi chuan association of henan province, henan Chen Zhenglei culture co., LTD., chenjiagou Chen Zhenglei taijiquan hall, Chen tai chi chuan association of North America, South America Chen taijiquan association, the Chinese martial art tai chi, the Confucius institute at the university of Washington, Seattle academy and the social from all walks of life of the news media support.Out in order to ensure the activity of teaching, the excellent team of coaches, they are all national martial arts seven segments, around the tai chi masters.