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The 6th Chen Village Taichi Kungfu Elite Tournament Rules

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Television, Guangdong Television, etc.  
We are recruiting sponsors… 
 [Participants] Wushu Associations, Taichi Associations, 
Martial arts schools, Taichi Studio in China and abroad, Taichi Training 
Institutions, and all Taichi fans are welcome. 
[Competition Event] (※ Only Chen’s Taichi) 
1.  Individual Event: Chen’s competition routines, traditional old 
frame, Traditional new frame, Chen’s Taichi sword, Chen’s Taichi 
single-hand broadsword, Chen’s Taichi long weapons and other 
Chen’s weapons. 
2. Group Event: Taichi quan or Taichi sword routines with at least 6 members, 
each group perform 3 to 5 minutes. Please bring your own music. 
3. Competition Time:  
  1). Competition routines: in 5 to 6 minutes 
  2). Individual traditional routines: in 3 to 4 minutes 
  3). Traditional Taichi weapons: in 2 to 4 minutes 
 4). Chen’s Taichi single-hand broadsword and other weapons: in 1 to 
2 minutes 
 [Demonstration Events] (※ Not limited to Chen’s Taichi) 
1. Traditional Taichi routines, in 3 to 4 minutes. 
2.  Taichi weapons, in 1 minute or longer. 
1. Each team can take 1 team leader, 1 coach, 1 team physician, and 
there is no limit to the number of athletes. 
2. For competition events and demonstration events, each athlete is 
limited to participate one Taichi quan event, one Taichi weapon event 
and one group event. 
3. Age group 
1). Competition event: 
A. Children group: age 12 or younger 
B. Junior group:  age 13 – 18 
C. Youth group: age 19 – 35 
D. Adult group: age 36 – 45  
E. Prime group: age 46-55  
F. Senior group: age 55 or older 
2). Demonstration events: 
A: Junior group: age 18 or younger 
B: Adult group: age 19 – 50  
C: Senior group: age 50 or older 
1. There are individual events and group events in the competition. 
2. Taichi quan, Taichi sword competition and the demonstration event 
will follow which 
was formulated by China's National Sports Commission. 
3. Athletes who retire without reason will be disqualified. 
[Tournament Awarding] 
1. The individual competition event will be curved into three ranks. 
2. The group competition event will reward top 8. If there are less 
than 8 groups in an event, one will be taken out for award.   
3. The demonstration event will set excellent performance award and 
nice performance award. 
[Application and Registration] 
1. Download and fill out the Application Form (see attached). 
2. Please mail the following application profiles to Ms. Wang. 
    1). Application Form;  
2). 3 copies of 1 inch bareheaded photo with your name written on 
the back;  
3).Copies of your ID card or passport with your date of birth. 
Please mail to: B#1503, Wen Hua Jia Yuan, 112 Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou, 
Henan Province, China, 450014. 
3. Your application will be accepted once your profiles and your 
payment are received. Please keep the payment invoice as a proof. 
 [The Organizing Committee information] 
The Organizing Committee address: B#1503, Wen Hua Jia Yuan, 112 Wenhua 
Road, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, 450014. 
Official Website: 
Official E-mail: 
Tel: 0371-63219625   18838061396 
Contact person: Ms. Wang, Ms. Liu  
Send fund to: 
Account Name: Chen Yuanyuan
Bank Name: Bank of China Zhengzhou Wenhua Road Branch 
Account Number: 6013 8234 0033 4725 359 
Bank of China BIC:BKCHCNBJ530
2. 20美元的额外事件。