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Cui Guangbo

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Cui Guangbo, born in 1950.Henan province bo 'ai, seventh degree Dan of Chinese wushu, boxer, chenjiagou Chen Zhenglei taijiquan hall, senior manager, Chen tai chi chuan association of henan province.
Have been with my grandfather Cui Dezhong XiChen's tai chi chuan, grandfather Hou Zhentian xi wang fort gun, studied chenjiagou Chen in 1974 after the 19th, the tai chi chuan, the eleventh generation descendants office of Chen Zhenglei master door, machinery system study Chen quan, after more than 40 years, certain scribe to connect, in boxing skills, boxing theory and teaching various aspects have deep attainments, longer than Chen taijiquan old frame, a new frame, and the dragon with spear and sword, push and hold combat skills.
In 1984 and 1985 for bo 'ai in jiaozuo peasant games for taijiquan first, spear athletes first and spiritual civilization.
Pen, published an article many times, such as "taichi sanshou footwork" and so on nearly 20 papers published in the "wulin" martial arts such as newspapers, "Chen style tai chi chuan the science of uniting the essence", "Chen taijiquan teaching and learning by the people's sports press and publishing, exhibition press, zhongzhou ancient books publishing house has published in Taiwan.Organized taijiquan lecture series in henan and the pearl river delta, helped the teacher complete "Chen tai chi chuan machinery hui zong" and so on six monographs.
Formal word 1996, presently for Chen Zhenglei teacher house disciple.
Beginning in 1999, the fist in guangzhou municipal government square in guangzhou TV interview.Was invited in nanyang, nanjing, guangzhou and other places, the fist to apply for in the county, changyuan and guangzhou institute of agricultural management cadres and other schools and colleges and universities teaching, help the teacher reception guests learn team more than 20 times, is popular with students, known as "tai chi Ming", "Ming" technical essence of reason.
Martial arts experience entry "bo 'ai chi" (official) and so on a number of annals.