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"frames, this moment," the 18th international Chen tai chi chuan, adva

Time:2017-12-23Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:649次

On October 7, 2016, the five-day "the 18th annual international senior Chen taijiquan training" has completed all courses, a great finale!



The advanced training classes were opened "master disciple class", "the old frame and advanced class", "the old frame universality class", "old frame through diligence class", "the new frame to develop class", "taiji tuishou class", "tai chi singlestick class", "spring and autumn broadsword class" and "children's" tai chi class, a total of 9 class Chen tai chi chuan, instrument training courses, which come from all over the world Chen Zhenglei guru disciple taijiquan lovers of all stripes, students, and a total of more than 700 people took part in the training class of each, respectively.



Five days of time, the teacher and the students through the artificial sweat, passion float in the sky and the truth, the students saw each other boxing skill enhancement, increase the affection and friendship between the teachers and students, students, and their heart the joy and the joy of harvest!Taijiquan lovers also the origin of the taijiquan chenjiagou took the holy land through 400 times of tai chi source!




Training of coaches team line-up this year, most of them are following Chen Zhenglei guru xi punch more than 20 years of home invasion, introduction to disciple of all outstanding and remarkable.Coaches elaborate guidance, tirelessly, students training hard and fast, every learning students benefit a lot, eat.Students have said, later must perseverance and persistence to seriously practicing taijiquan, the tai chi chuan the condensing the wisdom of the Chinese nation treasure carry forward, follow the Chen Zhenglei guru's teachings, carrying forward the culture of tai chi, for human health!




Boxing began in setup, check in work, the promise and tai chi.Short together, tai chi have forged a deep love.Learn boxing art is long, life is short, but god reward those who work hard and will do what race.Bao jianfeng from honed out, plum blossom incense from the experience.I wish all the students capability training progress, healthy and happy!Looking forward to the next meeting!