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authentic feelings, can choose xian and · inherited!

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Late October 6, the third important festival Chen Zhenglei tai chi: "Chen Zhenglei master enlightening and disciple promotion ceremony held in the county chenjiagou headquarters.Chen, the 19th world taijiquan, 11 generation descendants office of Chen Zhenglei guru and LuLiLi Jenny, Chen Zhenglei a disciple of the master and the annual meeting of the hundreds of fist friend join or witnessed the enlightening ceremony!

At 7, 14 introduction to go through the house disciple, 17 disciple and 118 new word pass post disciple hatches, the official start of the ceremony.
The wide and boldness of vision grand ceremony hall hanging slogan:
"The spring and autumn in four hundred The intergenerational Realization of Yin and Yang avenue;
Vertical and horizontal nine miles Prairie fire Akira tai chi alkaloids."


Chen ix tai chi chuan, founder of the court, Chen 14th Chen chang-hsing, Chen Chen the 17th Chen Fa branch, Chen zhaopi gives 18, Chen 18 the Chen Zhaokui display five giant posters of tai chi illustrated on the podium at the top of the huge electronic screen, respected.After Chen Zhenglei guru and Jenny takes a seat, and eight elite disciple ranks on both sides of the master of the dharma, scene solemn majesty.First by the Chen Zhenglei guru to tai chi of past altar, then promotion house disciple bow down to the master for Jenny and in turn to the master for Jenny tea.


After Chen Zhenglei guru to the disciple to heart.Guru to longly to new home disciples said: the house disciple is the core strength of tai chi Chen Zhenglei system, and must abide by the rules in discipline, hard work in practicing tai chi skill, solidarity, good sisters and other disciples of leading and demonstration role.Master said the word ceremony and not make a cult of personality, nor the curtain;But to let everyone have a sense of responsibility and sense of mission.I have spread the responsibility of the tai chi, do you have inherited the responsibility of the tai chi.Cohesion formed the sense of responsibility, we work together, the artistry of tai chi chuan the national culture and family inherited, enduring.


Next, through introduction of disciple and post disciple, in turn, bow down to the master for Jenny, and to master shi mu tea.Master house disciple hai-jun wang, Zhang Dongwu teachers lead the disciple introduction to Chen taijiquan pledge:
"Love the motherland, a solo for the people;
Honesty, good for the root;
Civil-military and repairing, smashing;
Study hard, persistent;
Mind magnanimous, abide by the door rules;
Told. His help colleagues;
Law-abiding, warm;
Solidarity and affection, promote tai chi!"

LuLiLi Jenny's speech touched all students, she says: your master Chen Zhenglei punch more than 40 years, he was born to tai chi, and I am the tai chi's nanny.I'm very glad to new followers to join the tai chi family, since the moment you burden is heavier, because you have to shoulder the responsibility of the spread of taijiquan.You want to go to all over the country and even the world in the future, you will represent the Chen Zhenglei system of tai chi, tai chi you must study hard skills, our tai chi culture, national spirit spread out!

Ceremony witnesses guru disciple zheng 13 announced see testimony: the enlightening ceremony program specification, results and effectively!Later, disciple council representative, master to disciple or l cordenillo representative, the guests speak in turn.

The disciple to the master for Jenny and guests salute, witnesses, thanks.Chen Zhenglei guru and Jenny lead all the disciple of the do no such thing.Other disciples salute each other between sisters, ceremony and dry.Disciples have power to take picture with the master for Jenny.A demonstration significance to the successful completion of the traditional ceremony from master, Chen Zhenglei master door added 118 disciples, tai chi Chen Zhenglei system increasingly develop and grow!

After the ceremony, the new house disciple, the only foreigners from kazakhstan longshan teacher accepted our reporter's interview.I'm really very happy and excited, "he said," I hope all the disciples together, lift up high the flag of Chen Zhenglei tai chi and always stick to it, everyone don't lag behind!