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Tai chi exercise intervention - 2016 with our Chen Zhenglei tai chi internationa

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On October 1, 2016 solstice 7, henan county chenjiagou, the third Chen Zhenglei tai chi conference venue, "complementary and alternative medicine" tai chi exercise intervention research center effective diabetes rehabilitation projects meet with you!


The background,
April 7, 2016, world health day, observed by the world health organization will be this year's theme is set to "defeat diabetes", China now has 110 million people with diabetes, the highest in the world, at the same time, nearly half of all adults in China have pre-diabetes, about 500 million people.
"They are likely to become the new diabetes patients every day" to red.
The world health organization figures show that the number of patients with type 2 diabetes accounts for 90% of the total number of patients, and unhealthy diet and lack of exercise intervention is the most risk factors for type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes "tai chi exercise prescription intervention" arises at the historic moment.
On March 23, 2013, "complementary and alternative medicine" tai chi exercise intervention research center in Chen Zhenglei and henan zhongshan university alumni association, famous medical experts established under the support of, we are committed to: tai chi exercise intervention, rehabilitation of chronic diseases effectively.
In July 2013, "tai chi exercise intervention" diabetes rehabilitation experiment in jilin province department of project shine bright starlight, receive the awards of jilin province department of science, released at the same time the headlines in the national medical journal on August edition of "the road to health.
The next two years, the research center for managing director ming-liang zhu and dhi China and orthopaedic hospital in zhengzhou xinzheng hospital work done a lot of practice, practice has proved that our "tai chi exercise prescription intervention" can supplement or gradually replace the existing glucose-lowering drug treatment, make effective in patients with stable blood sugar, improve the quality of life, and the complications of the rehabilitation has very good role of adjuvant therapy.
At present, we have basic rehabilitation system build perfect diabetes.


Second, the social value and economic value
Belgium time on November 11, 2015 the international diabetes federation (IDF) held in Brussels's world diabetes day released new data on diabetes: (1) diabetes health care spending totaled $673 billion in 2015, is expected to grow to $802 billion in 2040.(2) diabetes mortality is greater than the sum of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria deaths, about every 6 seconds 1 diabetes patients died.
China currently has the world's most people with diabetes, 110 million.
International diabetes federation and the Chinese medical association of common complications study also pointed out that in 2015, China has a 173.4 billion yuan fee is directly related to diabetes, accounting for nearly 13% of Chinese medical expenditure.As a result, the Chinese government has diabetes as a long-term medical major challenge.
Hundreds of billions of yuan expenditure for hypoglycemic drug expenditure, and our "exercise prescription" can be used as a complementary and alternative interventions, gradually to let patients get rid of drug dependence, and away from complications.
Tai chi family angel as a health, we should learn to use the experience of the ancient Chinese and modern medicine, reduce the burden of the patient's family and the national financial burden.
Our action, will lead to recovery from a diabetes drug dependence, away from the complications of the revolution!


Historical origin
In 1998, the United States, based on the Clinton administration in the process of establishment of complementary and alternative medicine to the White House advisory committee on wholesale funding of exercise therapy, open honest and the limitations of existing system of western medicine to disease treatment, and openness to the introduction of other countries traditional treatments, so the United States for rehabilitation research is the world leader in diabetes.
2002, complementary and alternative medicine advisory committee, director of the committee, professor Lin hsin, dean of biology and medicine at the university of California, in the selection of many sports form, think that tai chi chuan special movement form a more scientific, and is helpful for the improvement of the body state and improve, so, invite international tai chi master Chen Zhenglei to sound and light to conduct a comprehensive study, research synchronous medicine has made great influence in the country.
Harvard University school of medicine by the national institutes of health funding for a long time, research of tai chi exercise for recovery of disease.


In March 2007, the United States in the journal diabetes care announced the results of a study, taijiquan exercise can strengthen the body's immune system function, and can be for people with type 2 diabetes control blood sugar.
Type 2 diabetes patients have chronic inflammation, when excessive movement can cause inflammation or other problems.Chinese tai chi, the researchers say, because of its relieve sexual action, can improve the patient's heart and lung function, and to improve the body's immune system.
The researchers asked 32 patients a week to three hours of tai chi training, for 12 weeks.It was found that these patients had significantly lower blood sugar, improve immune function.
In 2011, the United States, the ministry of health called for universal practice tai chi.
In Malaysia, according to a survey in patients with complete after 12 weeks of tai chi exercise, standard of glycosylated hemoglobin concentrations were significantly reduced, increase in the number of regulatory T cells in the body, strengthen the body's immune function.Australia's results confirmed that taijiquan can improve cardiopulmonary function, improve the function of the immune system, this kind of exercise, can also by enhancing glucose metabolic rate, to reduce the blood glucose levels of diabetic patients.


China academy of traditional Chinese medicine hospital gate experts according to many years of clinical observation and research, found that adhere to tai chi of patients with diabetes than those who don't exercise, fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose level significantly decreased, and at low risk of complications have.Especially for the obesity with type 2 diabetes with severe insulin resistance, can effectively reduce insulin resistance, improve the function of islet, improving insulin sensitivity and response, for fueling combined dyslipidemia, urine sugar diabetes disease, diabetes, hypertension and has a good therapeutic effect.So some experts think that in many sports, taijiquan on blood sugar control is the most direct.
Seven thousand years ago, the emperor shen nung tasted grass bouquet, creating Oriental medicine is here!
After that, the "needle, acupuncture, medicine, span, guidance, according to the cross," six method has gradually become the mainstream of the ancient Chinese medical workers.
Taijiquan, belongs to the crystallization of the wisdom of ancient China, and tai chi exercise intervention, put together is the movement of taijiquan and pathology are closely combined with the product, can be classified into six method of traditional Chinese medicine in the "guidance, according to skip" technology, "wuqinxi" and the han dynasty and song dynasty "eight jin" is the ancient upper class enjoy daily care and strong "this", can be perfectly applied in modern rehabilitation medicine, treatment of chronic diseases, etc.


Fourth, our core strength
1, the world's top experts and tai chi exercise diabetes rehabilitation specialist team support
2, with prospective diabetes rehabilitation theory system
3, diabetes, exercise intervention theory system
4, a classic case of diabetes effective rehabilitation
5, expert team effective rehabilitation field of diabetes experience for many years
6, the power of the brand
7, international propaganda strength
8, patients with diabetes resource sharing
9, perfect diabetes personalized service system
10, diabetes market development plan


Fifth, our service platform
March 2015: orthopaedic hospital, zhengzhou dhi China tai chi exercise intervention for orthopedic and cardiovascular postoperative rehabilitation services.
In December 2015, xinzheng hospital, set up professional sports medicine for diabetes and elderly care services.
In 2016, shaanxi xi 'an set up bases in chongwen warrior tai chi exercise intervention, demonstrative project of national traditional Chinese medicine, tourism, characteristic is "tai chi exercise intervention".
At present, Asia's largest tai chi exercise intervention training and service base, 5000 - square - metre indoor training venues, two can accommodate one hundred people at the same time, training large multimedia training venue, two small can accommodate 30 people training venues, three holographic projection gossip training venues, a tai chi Chinese pavilion, all kinds of medical testing equipment.
Chen Zhenglei tai chi academy in 2016, Beijing headquarters, Chen Zhenglei system "tai chi exercise intervention" global service base preparation was established.
We are looking forward to, the next one is you!
Human health, create brilliant!